Monthly Archives: January 2021

Orders of the Priesthood
Jan 31

Orders of the Priesthood as Found in Scripture

A military is built upon a hierarchy of individuals with various ranks and stations and a chain of command that is disciplined to obey orders from their superior officers. In the scriptures we find an identical situation. A royal army built upon a foundation or hierarchy of apostles and prophets and other stations which pass […]

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Pray always and faint not
Jan 10

Pray Always and Faint Not

Yesterday I attended a conference and one of the speakers shared a thought on Luke 18:1 about praying and not fainting. With circumstances in the world such as they are, I thought it was a timely message and decided to look a little deeper at this topic. Luke 18:1 is the start of the parable […]

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Half hour of silence
Jan 03

The Half-Hour of Silence in The Revelation of John

This past week I was listening to a book when the author brought up the verse in Revelation 8 that talks about silence in heaven for the space of half an hour and expressed a couple things that made me immediately go and review these scriptures. The book of Revelation (a singular revelation, not revelations) […]

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