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May 10

How Do I Meet the Wants and Needs of Others?

Have you ever really wanted something to the point where that want became a need? Maybe it was a special toy as a child (or an adult). Perhaps you were at a friend’s house and enjoyed playing a video game you didn’t have. Maybe it was seeing a “puppies for sale” sign in front of […]

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Scripture Study Techniques 9 single verse sessions
May 03

Single Scripture Verse Study Sessions

This post is part of a series of scripture study tips which you can view on our posts or our YouTube playlist for scripture study techniques. Do you set reading goals for your scripture study time? What would appropriate goals look like? Would they be to complete a book of scripture in a given period […]

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Scripture Study Techniques 8 Diagramming
Apr 26

Scripture Study Technique 8: Diagramming the One Lesson

Learning Styles – Painting Pictures Ever hear the idea that everyone has a different learning style? That some people are visual, audible, or tactile learners? It’s a popular theory, but it’s false. A study by several psychologists showed there is no evidence of this. Someone may have a preference for how they want to learn […]

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Apr 19

Inasmuch – Tangents in the Book of Mormon

I recently made a presentation to attendees of the FIRM Foundation conference regarding Scripture Notes. I wanted to share something from the scriptures and demonstrate the power of searching the scriptures. The presentation was titled “If/Then Statements in the Book of Mormon.” I wrote a little about this in the blog post a few weeks […]

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Scripture Study Technique 6 - Handling Quotes
Apr 12

Scripture Study Technique 6 – Handling Quotes

(This is part 6 of the ongoing series on Scripture Study Techniques & Tips.) Transcript of video: Have you ever been sitting in a meeting and heard a great quote? Maybe you even asked the speaker for a copy of it or a reference to it so you could look it up later. What do […]

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Taking conference notes in Scripture Notes
Apr 05

How to Store General Conference Notes

This being General Conference weekend (April 2020), I thought I would show you how to take all those notes you’ve taken and put them into Scripture Notes for easy search and retrieval. You can repeat this process for your past notes as well and have digital retrieval of all your notes in one easy place. […]

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Eternal laws that bind God
Mar 29

Eternal Laws that Bind God

Have you ever heard someone ask the question, “is there anything God can’t do?” The scriptures tell us the answer to that question is “yes.” There are several verses in the scriptures that indicate things that would cause God to “cease to be God.” In this article I will try to explore those things and […]

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Music Theory and Gospel Theory
Mar 22

Gospel Theory – a harmony of principled living

What do you think about when you hear the word theory? Is it speculation? Is gospel speculation appropriate? Is it necessary? Or do you think of a scientific theory such as the theory of relativity? The last couple weeks I’ve written about the topics of doctrine and principle as mentioned in a couple verses in […]

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Principles of the gospel and if/then logic
Mar 15

Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and If/Then Logic

In last week’s blog post on the doctrines of the gospel and particularly the doctrine of Christ, we highlighted the overarching themes that God has given to man to comfort the soul and inspire the mind. In today’s topic, we’ll address the principles of the gospel that accompany the doctrines. Doctrinal Review Recall that doctrines […]

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Doctrine of Christ
Mar 08

The Doctrine of Christ and other Doctrines of the Gospel

In last week’s study topic on being instructed more perfectly, I introduced a theme that I want to continue with for a few weeks. Ending last week’s post I encouraged you to examine the word “law” throughout the scriptures. This week we’ll discuss doctrine. As mentioned last week, Elder Bednar said doctrines answer the “why” […]

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