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Gifts of the Unholy Spirit
Sep 12

Gifts of the Unholy Spirit

One of my early false beliefs growing up was that God only gave gifts of the spirit to members of his true church. That belief started to erode when I came to know that there were inspired people in all ages of time that God placed there to perform a mission where they demonstrated gifts […]

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Aug 29

The Jealous God of Mercy

Jealousy is a sin which brings about spiritual death and is also one of the sins God identifies as a barrier to rending the veil. In this article, I’ll continue evaluating D&C 67:10 where the Lord tells us of the need to strip away our jealousies and fears and humble ourselves and the veil shall […]

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Overcome Fear by Faith
Aug 22

Overcome Fear by Faith

I grew up in a household where my father’s life was threatened on a regular basis, sometimes openly in a court room. After serving in the military for 24 years, he started a security and investigative business, eventually moving into investigating worker’s compensation fraud for large insurance companies. He also worked with the local and […]

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Aug 15

Gratitude – the Law of Preservation

I had an interesting conversation with a friend this past week that sparked some study in the scriptures and some deep thinking about gratitude. He said, “gratitude is the law of preservation.” Whenever someone uses the word law in a gospel context, my mind always reverts to these verses of scripture in the Doctrine and […]

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Veils and their removal
Aug 01

Veils and their removal

I have been listening to Alonzo Gaskill’s book “Sacred Symbols: Finding Meaning in Rites, Rituals, & Ordinances” and at one point he mentions the symbolism of veils. It set me off on a search to understand this topic better. I did a simple search in Scripture Notes for: veil* If you’re new here, the wildcard […]

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Royal seal
Jul 18

The Difference Between Binding and Sealing Powers

This past week I was reading my scriptures and came across a verse that caught my attention. At this point I can’t remember which of a few verses I read first, but this verse in Isaiah typifies all the verses. Isaiah 8: 16. Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples. (an identical […]

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giving our heart
Jul 04

Abraham and the Law of Circumcision, Part 2

In last week’s blog post on Abraham and the law of circumcision, I touched on the symbolism of circumcision from ancient Hebrew. This week I’ll conclude the topic by going into the meaning of tokens, the transition of circumcision, and the uncircumcised. Some years ago while studying the scriptures one day, I noticed the word […]

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Abraham and the angels - Rembrandt
Jun 27

Abraham and the Law of Circumcision, Part 1

Abraham was born around 2000 BC. His was the privilege of entering into a special covenant with God and receiving specific promises available to him and his posterity because of his righteousness. The token of the covenant between God and Abraham was the act of circumcision. In Genesis 17 we read. 10 This is my […]

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God wants to prosper his covenant people
Jun 20

God Wants to Prosper his Covenant People

In a previous blog post, I discussed the many ways that the word prosper is used in scripture when the Lord blesses us.  Financial blessings are just one of many aspects of that, but it is definitely something we find in the scriptures. There is a purpose behind it which the Lord informed Moses of. […]

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