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Civic duty
Jul 24

What is our Civic Duty, Part 3

Life Changing Truth About 22 years ago, I “stumbled upon” (IE. the Lord led me to) an April 1965 General Conference talk by Ezra Taft Benson entitled “Not Commanded in All Things.” I have no doubt the Lord led me to it to wake me up from my comfortable slumber. The talk penetrated my soul, […]

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Civic duty
Jul 17

What is Our Civic Duty, Part 2

Many years ago I had an institute teacher that pointed out the unlikely nature of the story in Job chapter 1. He said something to the effect of, “it’s not good doctrine that God gets together with the devil to discuss afflicting one of his children.” He then pointed us to one of the most […]

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Civic duty
Jul 10

What is Our Civic Duty? Part 1

When America’s Founding Fathers created the U.S. Constitution, they looked to the way God organized ancient Israel’s law in the book of Deuteronomy as their primary source of guidance and inspiration. There were many other sources, 15,000 of them I believe have been catalogued, but by far, they were influenced most by Biblical law because […]

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Dad's with flag - Civic duty
Jun 19

A Father’s Day Call to Proclaim Liberty

Around age 30 I had my first life changing experience. Up to that point I had led a mostly happy-go-lucky life. I grew up in a wonderful area with a wonderful family and basically operated under the notion that if I just lived the gospel and performed my church duties and raised a family, I […]

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Oak and Gail Norton
May 30

The Memorials in Scripture

One of the things I love about the Old Testament is the many examples of God’s interventions on behalf of his people. When a people covenant with God and keep the covenant, they are entitled to the blessings of a king and kingdom over them. A good king feeds his people and provides for them. […]

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Jesus heals the man with leprosy
May 22

Cleansing the Lepers

In ancient Israel, they had very specific procedures to pronounce a leper clean. The symbolism is amazing. Last week I shared a bit about the symbolism of the purification period after a woman has a child or any individual has a sore that won’t heal. This week I want to share the amazing symbolism used […]

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Pregnant woman
May 15

On Issues of Blood

While listening to Jared Halverson’s Unshaken podcast on Leviticus (nearly 5 hours long!) I’m so edified by the amount of content he is covering and the insights and connections he’s making. I heartily recommend listening to it even if you don’t do it within Scripture Notes so you can take notes by your scriptures while […]

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metaphysical gifts
May 08

Physical and Metaphysical Gifts from Heaven

Have you ever received an unexpected gift? Life is full of surprises and on this journey, sometimes we receive something that proves to be a blessing to us. Sometimes these gifts are physical, and sometimes they are more of a spiritual nature. In writing this post today, I was contemplating this topic of gifts in […]

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