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Isaiah the Prophet
Apr 24

What the Prophets and the Lord say about Isaiah

In preparation for our upcoming webinar with Dr. Gileadi, I thought it would be appropriate to dust off my Isaiah studies a bit. If Isaiah is still a sealed book to you, I strongly recommend you devote the time to listen to Dr. Gileadi’s Analytical Commentary which he graciously allowed me to embed as chapter […]

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Come follow me integration
Apr 17

Studying Come Follow Me in Scripture Notes

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Come Follow Me and other audio/video files play right next to your scriptures and notes so you can pause, make notes, conduct deeper searches, and then pick up playback again? Yes it is cool and it’s now available in Scripture Notes! This feature is just getting started. There will […]

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Avraham Gileadi Webinar
Apr 13

Current World Events in Isaiah’s Prophetic Timeline

Years ago, Dr. Avraham Gileadi’s “Analytical Commentary on the Book of Isaiah” really opened my eyes to understanding the writings and prophecies of Isaiah. He has published numerous books and other content to continue teaching the critical words of this prophet, including tying themes together relevant to our spiritual growth, and current world events. You […]

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Using searches to find meaning
Apr 10

Using Search in Scripture Notes – God opens the Eyes

Someone recently asked about doing searches in Scripture Notes so I thought I would elaborate a little here. Scripture Notes uses what is called a Boolean search engine, which allows for qualifying your search term for more refined results. For instance, if I search for the word “eye” in the scriptures, it would return 139 […]

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Forgetting Curve
Apr 03

The Forgetting Curve in Scripture Study

How good is your memory? Do you have the scriptures memorized with a full understanding of the meaning of every scripture? Of course we don’t. The human brain has a limited capacity for recalling information. Student often cram before an exam (guilty), try to do their best, and then proceed to forget almost everything they […]

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Asking God for what is expedient
Mar 27

If ye ask anything that is NOT expedient for you

It’s a wonderful thing when something clicks into place for you. For years I was worried that if I prayed for the wrong thing I could be condemned for it. This thought originates from these verses in the Doctrine and Covenants. D&C 88:64. Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name it shall be given […]

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Amy Hardison Exodus Temple Webinar
Mar 23

The Holy Ground of Exodus and What it Reveals about the Temple

The temple is a place of peace and revelation, where one enters into important covenants and can draw close to God. Many Latter-day Saints experience these blessings, yet yearn for a better understanding of the temple. This knowledge is hiding in plain sight, right in Exodus, nestled in the very chapters that we are covering […]

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More or less
Mar 13

More and Less

Have you ever heard someone say something and thought, “that can’t be right,” but then later you determined it was correct? I hope we all have. It shows we can grow and refine our thinking. It’s actually critical for us that we can do this with the scriptures. Nobody masters the scriptures on a first […]

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What's your Shem?
Mar 06

What’s your Shem?

While preparing a lesson that included Genesis 32, I again reviewed the story of Jacob’s encounter with the being that changes his name to Israel. I thought it was interesting that Jacob sends his family members over the brook and then an individual shows up who tests his strength all night long in some kind […]

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Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Jesus Christ
Mar 01

Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Jesus Christ

Have you ever wondered at the amazing petroglyphs found in America’s Southwest? If you’re not familiar with them, you’re in for a treat. This is an amazing webinar with Patricia Kent as she shares the testimony of Jesus Christ as recorded by an ancient people in stone and light on a hillside in Southern Utah. […]

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