writing scripture
Dec 26

How to Study the Scriptures by Writing Scripture

Have you ever considered the power that is available to you as you learn to study and search the scriptures instead of reading them? The scriptures aren’t given to simply show us what other people experienced. They were given so we could learn to experience the same things they did. The most important thing we […]

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Nail in a Sure Place
Dec 19

A Nail in a Sure Place Word Study

What do you do when you’re reading along in the scriptures and see a word or phrase that stands out to you? Do you dismiss it because you’re trying to get through your reading schedule in your allotted time? That would be unfortunate, because often when a word or phrase stands out to you, it’s […]

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Dec 13

The Oddly Parallel Stories of Sam and Samwise

While teaching a class at church last Sunday, I shared some of the imagery of Lord of the Rings in the long journey that Frodo and Sam(-wise Gamgee) make as companions. I mentioned how some of us are carrying heavy burdens like Frodo, but then we have that faithful friend like Sam who journeys with […]

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cargo bulk move
Dec 05

How Bulk Copy Helps You Study a Scripture Topic

A new feature just went live in Scripture Notes this week. Bulk copy is a handy feature to let you combine verses to better organize a master collection to study from. For example, lets say you want to study the topic of healing in the scriptures. Here’s how you might start and how bulk copy […]

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The Power of a Beautiful Quote
Nov 28

The Power of a Beautiful Quote

When moved upon by the Holy Ghost, men and women can pen thoughts that exalt the soul and stretch the mind. They may enter with some force upon the mind, carried by the same spirit that the author was moved upon who first recorded those things. This is a primary reason we have scriptures to […]

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George Washington Thanksgiving
Nov 25

Giving Thanks and Storing it in a CN

This morning one of my friends sent out an email with George Washington’s 1789 proclamation on a day of thanks. Reading it reminded me that today is not a day of eating turkey and watching football. It’s a day of gratitude to God for the blessings he’s bestowed on me, my family, and the foundations of freedom established in America which was to be a promised land forever.

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How long should we study the scriptures?
Nov 07

How Long Should We Study the Scriptures?

Today at church a sister got up and shared her testimony. She related that her college age son recently called and spoke with her and said, “mom, I finally figured out how long I need to read the scriptures…” For all my life I’ve never heard the answer declared so simply and eloquently. How long […]

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David Hocking webinar
Oct 25

Author David Hocking Webinar on Ancient Texts that Testify

Please enjoy David’s presentation below entitled: “Why I Annotate Sacred Texts and How They Testify that Joseph Smith is a Revealer of Ancient Texts”. David is the author of the 4 volume annotated series sold by Digital Legend publishing, comprising the: Annotated Book of Mormon Annotated Book of Isaiah Annotated Book of Enoch Annotated Book […]

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