Pray always and faint not
Jan 10

Pray Always and Faint Not

Yesterday I attended a conference and one of the speakers shared a thought on Luke 18:1 about praying and not fainting. With circumstances in the world such as they are, I thought it was a timely message and decided to look a little deeper at this topic. Luke 18:1 is the start of the parable […]

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Half hour of silence
Jan 03

The Half-Hour of Silence in The Revelation of John

This past week I was listening to a book when the author brought up the verse in Revelation 8 that talks about silence in heaven for the space of half an hour and expressed a couple things that made me immediately go and review these scriptures. The book of Revelation (a singular revelation, not revelations) […]

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Waiting on the Lord
Dec 27

What does waiting on the Lord mean?

In last week’s article, Seek the Face of the Lord, there was a verse in Isaiah that caught my attention which stated: Isaiah 8:17. “And I will wait upon the Lord, that hideth his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him.” I’ve read that type of phrase many times but […]

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Seek the face of the Lord
Dec 20

The Invitation – Seek the Face of the Lord

A while back I published an article on the subject of “seek and ye shall find.” It was an opportunity for readers to dig into the scriptures and I didn’t really blog much about the topic, just encouraged people to study it and showed how to set up that study. I learn more when I […]

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Dec 14

The 3+ Levels of Topical Guide Study

Watch the New Topical Guide in Action The New Topical Guide in Scripture Notes Remember in April 2017 when President Russell M. Nelson issued a challenge to young adults to study all the topics in the Topical Guide on Jesus Christ? Did you feel daunted by that task? Just looking up those verses is a […]

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Places of safety
Dec 13

God has Prepared Places of Safety

Last week I posted an article on Overcoming Manufactured and Authentic Fear. In that I shared that fear comes from a lack of knowledge of a plan of action, and that God has billions of plans in motion. Faith overcomes fear by trusting in God’s planning for our lives and for our nation, and in […]

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Overcoming fear
Dec 06

Overcoming Manufactured and Authentic Fear

“As the three boys converged on Sam’s position, he had no choice but to run down the alley to his side. He had the feeling that they had planned this, but he hoped to outrun them and get through to the next street which may have some traffic at this time of night. Hopefully someone […]

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