Feb 28

A Collection Note Power Trick

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about doing this previously, but this is a great way to maximize your writing space in Scripture Notes. By design, Scripture Notes will allow for 4 columns, or 2 expanded columns on a widescreen monitor. A laptop monitor will only fit that much if you use the zoom […]

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big scripture study project
Feb 21

How to Tackle Large Scripture Study Projects

Sometimes when you do a search in the scriptures you get a LOT of results back, more than you can study in a single session. So how do you tackle a large study project in the scriptures and keep it organized? Here is one way to approach it using Scripture Notes.

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Uprooting the evil in the fields
Feb 07

Uprooting the Evil in the Fields that we Know

After years of what one might term “black-thumb meddling” in our garden, I have taken it upon myself to learn more about the secret mysteries of growing food and try to develop a green thumb. I’m truly a beginner and grateful for so many resources that teach how to get started understanding soil and all […]

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Orders of the Priesthood
Jan 31

Orders of the Priesthood as Found in Scripture

A military is built upon a hierarchy of individuals with various ranks and stations and a chain of command that is disciplined to obey orders from their superior officers. In the scriptures we find an identical situation. A royal army built upon a foundation or hierarchy of apostles and prophets and other stations which pass […]

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Pray always and faint not
Jan 10

Pray Always and Faint Not

Yesterday I attended a conference and one of the speakers shared a thought on Luke 18:1 about praying and not fainting. With circumstances in the world such as they are, I thought it was a timely message and decided to look a little deeper at this topic. Luke 18:1 is the start of the parable […]

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Half hour of silence
Jan 03

The Half-Hour of Silence in The Revelation of John

This past week I was listening to a book when the author brought up the verse in Revelation 8 that talks about silence in heaven for the space of half an hour and expressed a couple things that made me immediately go and review these scriptures. The book of Revelation (a singular revelation, not revelations) […]

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Waiting on the Lord
Dec 27

What does waiting on the Lord mean?

In last week’s article, Seek the Face of the Lord, there was a verse in Isaiah that caught my attention which stated: Isaiah 8:17. “And I will wait upon the Lord, that hideth his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him.” I’ve read that type of phrase many times but […]

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Seek the face of the Lord
Dec 20

The Invitation – Seek the Face of the Lord

A while back I published an article on the subject of “seek and ye shall find.” It was an opportunity for readers to dig into the scriptures and I didn’t really blog much about the topic, just encouraged people to study it and showed how to set up that study. I learn more when I […]

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