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Compare Scripture Notes to Gospel Library

​Comparison Table: Gospel Library vs. Scripture Notes

Want to see what makes this app different from the Gospel Library app provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Here you go:

FeatureGospel LibraryScripture Notes
Free Edition
Scripture Notes
Pro Edition
2013 Edition LDS Scripturesyesyesyes
2013 Edition Study Helps
yesPartial: More coming soonPartial: More coming soon
Read & Markup versesyesyesyes
Tag VersesyesNoNo
Tag & categorize collections of verses (create your own topical guide)NoNoyes
Write verse notesyesyesyes
Hide/reveal all verse notes while reading versesNoyesyes
Create your own footnotesNoyesyes
Search scripturesyesyesyes
Powerful Boolean searches with wildcardsNoyesyes
Search footnotesNoyesyes
Search verse notesNoyesyes
Search collection notesNoyesyes
Prefilter books to search in (Specify Work/Book level, New Testament, Isaiah, etc...)Noyesyes
See search results in context (add prev/next verses)Noyesyes
Remove irrelevant search resultsNoyesyes
Mark up verses in search resultsNoyesyes
Save modified search results to a collectionNoNoyes
Drag & drop verses to a collectionNoNoyes
Create master notes for collections of verses (ie. study a topic and write about it)NoNoyes
Print reports including verses & notes from reading views, search views, and collection notes.Noyesyes
Reading plansyesNoNo
History of chapters read, searches performed, collections created.Noyesyes
Rabbit hole mode (dig deep and never lose your place)Noyesyes
Mobile appyesComingComing
Utilize the full width of your browser screen(s)Noyesyes
Drag and drop content panes to facilitate your study sessionNoyesyes
Actually compare chapters that say "compare"Noyesyes
View full verses in the Topical GuideNoyesyes
Create topical quote collections not tied to versesLimited Notebook Featureyesyes
Notes sync across all open panes & browser tabsCan't open multiple notes in a single browser tabyesyes
Content LibraryLarge library with all types of contentContent will be added as we grow including apocryphal works.Content will be added as we grow including apocryphal works.
1-Click to 28 Bible translationsNoyesyes
1-Click to Hebrew/Greek meanings of Bible versesNoyesyes
1-Click to access the LDS Citation Index*Noyesyes

*The LDS Citation Index is a project that contains all the recorded official discourses of latter-day General Authorities in a reverse index so you can look for a single verse reference and find all the statements made about that verse.

Note: Scripture Notes is not intended to replace the Gospel Library from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is meant to be a primary platform for superior studying and searching the scriptures, with many enhancements. As we grow, new features will be available that showcase this difference even more. Scripture study will never be the same.

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