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10X Your Study With Your Own Scripture Research Assistant

Is your scripture study frustrated by:
  • Lack of powerful search options?
  • No meaningful way to link notes to verses and find them again?
  • Can’t see your notes while you’re reading the scriptures?
  • Poor navigation interfaces?
  • No good way to save collections of verses and study them?
Do you want:
  • More revelation from the scriptures?
  • A tool that lets you truly search the scriptures for meaning, or even learn to study the scriptures?
  • To journal the insights you receive so you never forget them?
  • An incredibly designed flexible study interface?
  • Tools that let you dig deeper into the scriptures than ever before?
Scripture Notes is your new mentor and research assistant
Dr. Brent Top

Former Dean of Religion at BYU

“As a religious educator for the past 45 years I have studied the scriptures in depth in preparation for teaching and writing. I have used virtually every tool for enhanced gospel scholarship and scripture study available... Each has had its limitations. But I am pleased to have been introduced to SCRIPTURE NOTES. Its features – that are ever expanding – are impressive and can help... virtually every person who wants to increase the understanding of the scriptures and the doctrine of the gospel – whether a beginner and casual student of the scriptures, the gospel doctrine Sunday School teacher, or the more expert gospel scholar who wants to dig in and find and understand the many hidden treasures in the scriptures. As you can see, I'm pretty impressed with SCRIPTURE NOTES.”

If you want more revelation, you have to record the revelation you receive. Show you cherish it.

Scripture Notes: Advanced LDS Scripture Journaling

Scripture Notes is the most powerful scripture study journaling program ever created. Now you can learn in ways that weren't possible before, using a program that works the way your brain works, visually and flexibly.

Scripture Notes makes it possible for you to search the scriptures the way you've always dreamed of, in greater depth saving your thoughts, questions, and revelation. You create personal collections of verses with master notes. Paste in your favorite quotes, and easily retrieve everything with powerful search features. 

  • Ultra-flexible interface to enhance your study needs
  • See your verse notes while you read so you can type as you receive insights
  • Powerful Boolean searches on verses and your notes
  • Save verse collections with a master note for what you discover across all the verses
  • Instant links to powerful outside resources to aid in your study
  • Print reports of verses with your notes from chapters, search results, and collection notes
David Gilson

I use Scripture Notes every day. It's incredibly easy to use and the tools that it provides me have been a great blessing to feasting on the word of God. I struggle with other tools because I have now become dependent on the notes I've made next to each scripture, the extensive collection notes I've been able to make, the powerful search engine, and the links, OH THE LINKS, they make it so easy to jump into the Citation Index (which always sends me down wonderful rabbit holes chasing a gospel theme I didn't even know I needed to chase), to Bible Hub and the Blue Letter Bible both of which are phenomenal resources I've used before but Scripture Notes makes getting there so easy. I love what you've done here Oak and so grateful for the blessing it's been in my life. Now I just need to be able to download all my personal stuff so that I never lose access to it.

Includes the 2013 edition of the gospel library scriptures licensed from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, with additional content coming.

48 Powerful Techniques for Studying the Scriptures

Is your scripture study in a rut? Get this E-book free when you subscribe. It's the perfect companion to Scripture Notes. Use all kinds of techniques to study with the enhanced tools in Scripture Notes.

In my years of gospel and scripture study, I’ve never seen a study tool that is as easy to use yet as flexible and powerful as ScriptureNotes. It took me about 8 years to cut and paste my scripture notes together, but this tool allows you to include your own notes, quotes, insights, and understandings as you study the scriptures. And it keeps them all in one place for easy access. This app also makes it possible for you to update any notes as you go. You can easily be the gospel doctrine scholar you’ve always dreamed of with this powerful tool. There are also plenty of tutorials and helps to get you started. This is a very valuable gospel study resource.

Who is Scripture Notes for?


Institute, Seminary, and Other Teachers

Keep all your insights at your fingertips and print out chapters or topical studies with your notes.

Veteran Scripture Students

Quickly enhance your ability to find patterns and deepen your understanding of the scriptures.

New Students of
the Scriptures

Our introductory emails and tutorials will teach you how to search the scriptures like a pro.

Scripture Notes will fundamentally change the way you study and allow you to develop a deeper and richer understanding of the scriptures. With powerful new ways to study the scriptures, using features other LDS tools don't provide, once you try Scripture Notes you’ll never be satisfied with another scripture study tool.


I am so excited about this scripture study tool! I love having three panes open simultaneously so I can look at verses side by side and then make notes about my insights. The search feature is flexible and allows me to make connections I had not seen before. Wonderful tool!

Tammy Hulse

My problem had always been in organizing and keeping track of scriptures, parts from inspiring books or pod-casts, conference talks and so on. Scripture Notes allows me to do this, plus add to them later on, using my own words or by cut and paste from articles and books. Aligning this with scripture allows a greater learning process and greater retention of knowledge.

Lindsay Dowding

I saw the first tutorial video of Scripture Notes and was sold on the advantages of this App. Instead of loading my scriptures with hand written notes and taping them into my scriptures, I can do the same digitally. It is an awesome application.

Rian Nelson

This is a wonderful application! It has helped me with my scripture study already and it is still being developed! I can't wait for the completed product! I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family. Give it a try!

Brooke Nebergall

I saw this application in another blog that I subscribe to, so I decided to look into it. At first glance I could not see how I could put it to good use. But after testing it starting at 1st Nephi again, I was able to see right away the power that this application has to drill down into meaningful research, and to capture it as I go without having to use paper and pencil and/or other apps to save my thoughts. I highly recommend this application/study guide to anyone who wants to seriously study the scriptures. I look forward to the new additions and to learning how to fully utilize the power of this program.

Burdette Stocking

I have thoroughly enjoyed Scripture Notes. It gives me the opportunity to keep track of my notes and have multiple ways to relate them to each other. I would highly recommend the tutorials, too. I have enjoyed the gospel learning included, but the topics also help me learn how to annotate in more depth.

Janet Summit

Scripture Notes is helping me to dig into the scriptures in a much more expansive way. The concept of having as many panes open at once as I need and easily moving between them is so helpful. The search feature is so much better than what I've used previously. I love being able to easily attach links and to copy/paste quotes. The tutorials are extremely helpful as well.

Karen Stead

This is an excellent study resource. The real revelation is the visibility I now have to my own thoughts and impressions. Finally, something that unlocks my thinking and supports effective study, note taking, and recall.

Paul Gibbons

Scripture notes are a revolutionary tool giving users the ability to have all of their own gospel research with them at all times. Amazing!

Tiffany Hess

I use Scripture Notes everyday. I am lost without it. I like having a place to put my thoughts, articles, images, etc. I also love having LDS Citation Index, Bible Hub, and Blue Letter Bible so handy with the scriptures. I love the search engine so I can search for words or topics I want to learn more about. I am grateful for this tool!

Tammy Adair

These are incredible tools‼️ I can save quotes and notes in my study and find them easily anywhere I go. Writing talks will be so much easier now. This system is even helping me write another book. I love it!

Tamara Laing

“Scripture Notes is as Comprehensive of a study resource as I have ever seen! It's truly amazing what you have developed...your attention to detail is remarkable!”

Kent E Eddington

I use a lot of tools in my study and research, but ScriptureNotes offers tools I've never seen before and really appreciate. I wish I could have had this for years. I can't recommend it enough.

Jonathan Neville

Check out these features:


Compare chapters

Show or hide verse notes for the entire chapter for easy input and reference.

Scripture chapter comparison

Powerful Boolean Searches

Use AND, OR, NOT, +, -, ( ), and *, then mark your scriptures and make notes WITHIN your set of search results.

Search results in context

Add previous and next verses IN your search results. Irrelevant verse? Remove it!

Add and remove search results

Create a topical guide

Save search results to a collection note and create a master summary note of the topic.

Tagging system

Flexible Interface

Drag and drop verses into collection notes from reading and search panes.

Drag and drop verses

1-Click Verse Level Access to:

  • Hebrew/Greek Meanings
  • 28 Bible Translations
  • BYU/LDS Citation Index
  • Webster's 1828 Dictionary
Instant Access

Built Using Infininotes

Scripture Notes is built on the patent pending Infininotes™ Engine. Just keep adding content panes to continue your stream of study. Study the scriptures the way your brain works without losing your place!

Infininotes engine

The Power in Scripture Journaling

Journaling your thoughts as you study forces your brain to ask questions. It makes you think about a verse deeper, to really understand what the author (and the source of revelation) is trying to say, and why they included the words they chose. It increases your "a-ha" moments as you make connections by asking questions and receiving answers in a whole new way.

Scripture Notes has greater flexibility to search the scriptures, see patterns, ask questions, and record the thoughts and revelation you receive as you create your own studies in the scriptures. When you record revelation, you show you cherish it and you will receive more. You also don't have to invest the mental work to re-create those thoughts in the future. The great things you record will always be there for you to build upon and add to in the future.

Shift to searching the scriptures

The real power in the scriptures comes as you shift from reading, to searching for answers.

God put mysteries into the scriptures and sometimes they are hidden in plain sight. He’s just waiting till we increase in our desire to learn and our careful study to reveal them to us. The convenient note boxes in Scripture Notes just beg you to write down every new thought, question, and insight you receive. It makes cherishing insights easy, mind-expanding, and revelatory.

With the Scripture Notes interface, you can "pause" what you're doing, open a new pane, and engage powerful search features to dig deeper and instantly ask questions of the scriptures without losing your original starting place.

Try it out right now, completely free, and take your scripture study to new heights.

Scriptural revelation is powerful and life changing. I know that because I’ve experienced it, and I know you will have an increase in your own revelation as you use this tool.