When will Scripture Notes do ….?

We are so excited to have launched Scripture Notes and there is so much more to come. Your financial support will help us bring you the tools you’ve been craving but didn’t even know you wanted till you see them in action. Please join and spread the word. The faster we grow, the faster you get the tools you want.

​What platforms will Scripture Notes support?

The initial release of Scripture Notes is geared toward getting the desktop version as far along as possible for power users that utilize all their resources. Tablet computers will also enjoy the same features on a reduced size screen. However, mobile only users will have to wait just a bit to get the same benefits of the program. Once we’ve got everything smoothed out on the desktop from the initial release, we’ll get cracking on the mobile platforms to ensure a consistent experience for users. All major browsers should work just fine with Scripture Notes regardless of operating system choice.

Some of my ​app frames aren’t loading right, or I have have a spinning icon in the pane. Why?

A new version of the software may have been loaded and your browser is in conflict with it due to not exiting from the app for some time. Just log out and log back in. If you experience any other problems, contact support.

What’s your plan to protect my note data? How do I know you’ll be around in 5 years?

Great question. There’s another LDS notes app that worked for a few years and shut down. Our app is different. First, we licensed our content directly from the LDS church and additional content will be coming from both the public domain and from publishers. In other words, we won’t have a copyright issue. Second, we charge a subscription. This means we keep the lights on and keep developing. Third, we will be developing both local apps, and export routines, so you’ll be able to have a way to get your data stored on your own devices. Fourth, as soon as we establish a user base, we will have extra backup routines in place to ensure there are no data storage problems.

What content is in the Scripture Notes library?

Check out https://scripturenotes.com/library.

Is there a better tool to scroll side-to-side with? YES

If you are on a laptop or have a touchpad device that supports side to side scrolling, your life in Scripture Notes feels like bliss. If you’re using a mouse and hate grabbing the horizontal slider or using the scroll buttons on the left menu, do yourself a favor and invest in a decent trackpad. You must find one that supports two finger horizontal scrolling though. Not all trackpads do.

You do not have to replace your mouse with a trackpad. I have my mouse on the right side of my keyboard, and my trackpad on the left. That way I can have precision clicking with my mouse, but use my left hand for better controlled and faster side-to-side scrolling.

For Windows users, I recommend this trackpad (I tried cheaper and was disappointed twice before getting this one): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D44MVC5/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3

For Mac users, you have more expensive options with the Trackpad mouse or regular trackpad. If one of you Mac users wants to suggest a low cost trackpad that works well, I’ll post it here.

Linux users: also let me know if you find one and I’ll post it here for others.

Other tools that may come in really handy for you:

GOM Player: This is the media player I use in Windows to play podcasts at higher than normal speed. It’s really a great player and the pro version is just $15. You can get a free version if you want to put up with ads.

Smart Audiobook Player: When I put non-Audible books and other podcasts on my Android phone, this is the best app I’ve found. It supports speed control and has intelligent pause/play functions so if you restart your audio after a very short break, it’ll back up the audio just a few seconds. If it’s been a long break, it backs up a little longer so you restart and get a sense of context remembering where you started. There’s no better app and it’s free and only a couple bucks for the pro functions.

On a Mac using Quicktime, you can speed up the audio playback by holding the option key down and pressing the right and left double arrow icons in the player. I don’t have a great recommendation for an iPhone audio player that gives you speed control. If someone has a recommendation let me know and I’ll add it here.

How do I perform better searches in Scripture Notes?

Check out the search cheat sheet.

Are there some awesome scripture study resources I can use?

Yes, check out these LDS Scripture Study Resources

​Don’t see your question answered? Contact us and ask away.

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