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Judged out of the Books
Feb 05

Judged out of the Books

This week I was a guest on the High Five Live show with Scott Anderson, a long time CES teacher. It was a lot of fun to talk about searching the scriptures with him and he allowed me to showcase Scripture Notes for their viewers. Later, I decided to make a bit of a tutorial […]

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Line of demarcation
Jan 29

Godspell and A Line of Demarcation

I returned home from church today trying to find a quote someone had shared in Sunday School. He’d said it was from Orson F. Whitney and when I couldn’t find it, I contacted him and he misspoke and it was from George Albert Smith. However, this did let me discover something I thought I would […]

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How to study the books of Enoch and Jasher
Nov 29

How to Study the Books of Enoch and Jasher

Scripture Notes now has all 3 books of Enoch, as well as the book of Jasher in them for your study pleasure. Why should you study them? Watch the video below where I have a conversation with David Hocking about them. You may recall that David did a webinar for us a while back on […]

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Using the Bible Dictionary, Bible Hub, and Google Maps
Nov 06

Using the Bible Dictionary, Bible Hub, and Google Maps

When you study the scriptures, what tools do you use to get the context for what you are studying? With Scripture Notes it’s really easy to get the background material for what you are reading about in the Bible. In this brief video, I demonstrate using the Bible Dictionary, Bible Hub with it’s timeline content, […]

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Names of God and Two Level Tagging
Oct 09

Names of God and 2-Level Tagging

Last week at the General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Elder Jonathan Schmitt gave a talk entitled “That They Might Know Thee.” In his talk he mentions having studied the scriptures and creating a list of over 300 names for Christ as found therein. I immediately though about how to […]

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The Value of Life - How to Go Deep on a Verse Topic
Sep 11

How to Go Deep on a Verse Topic – The Value of Life

I received an email from Emmanuel asking how to go deeper into a scripture verse to expound on it. I asked him for something he would like me to demonstrate and he replied back with Psalm 24:1 and said “the value of life which God has given us.” Here’s a short demonstration of how to […]

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Prepare a place, estate, mansion
Aug 21

Places, Estates, and Mansions

I made this video to demonstrate the power of digging into the scriptures. I’m not trying to draw out conclusions here for you, but just to show how one idea leads to another and that sets the stage to get powerful insights. You can draw your own questions and conclusions on what I point out […]

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How to dig deeper in the scriptures
Aug 07

How to Dig Deeper in the Scriptures

This is a quick video example of how to dig deeper in the scriptures using a verse in Ezekiel to show what to do when something stands out to you. I’ve said this elsewhere, but the Lord has told us to search the scriptures because in searching, we find the things the Lord has hidden. […]

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