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Prepare a place, estate, mansion
Aug 21

Places, Estates, and Mansions

I made this video to demonstrate the power of digging into the scriptures. I’m not trying to draw out conclusions here for you, but just to show how one idea leads to another and that sets the stage to get powerful insights. You can draw your own questions and conclusions on what I point out […]

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How to dig deeper in the scriptures
Aug 07

How to Dig Deeper in the Scriptures

This is a quick video example of how to dig deeper in the scriptures using a verse in Ezekiel to show what to do when something stands out to you. I’ve said this elsewhere, but the Lord has told us to search the scriptures because in searching, we find the things the Lord has hidden. […]

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How I Mark My Scriptures
Jul 31

How I Mark My Scriptures

I always enjoy seeing how others mark their scriptures so I thought I would share what I do to maybe inspire you to develop your own system. I think once you attach to just a couple things and do it consistently, the other aspects that come up sort of fill in the gaps. In other […]

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Come follow me integration
Apr 17

Studying Come Follow Me in Scripture Notes

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Come Follow Me and other audio/video files play right next to your scriptures and notes so you can pause, make notes, conduct deeper searches, and then pick up playback again? Yes it is cool and it’s now available in Scripture Notes! This feature is just getting started. There will […]

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Using searches to find meaning
Apr 10

Using Search in Scripture Notes – God opens the Eyes

Someone recently asked about doing searches in Scripture Notes so I thought I would elaborate a little here. Scripture Notes uses what is called a Boolean search engine, which allows for qualifying your search term for more refined results. For instance, if I search for the word “eye” in the scriptures, it would return 139 […]

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Asking questions in the scriptures
Jan 30

Asking Questions in the Scriptures

Some years ago I remember seeing a blog post where the author had taken a verse and asked a lot of questions about it. I remember being very impressed with the quantity and quality of the questions. There were a lot of things I would never have thought of to ask. I’ve thought a lot […]

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Everything works for our good
Jan 16

Everything works together for our good

I listened to a wonderful little book on Audible recently called “Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues: Exploring the Spiritual Themes of the Lord of the Rings,” by Mark Eddy Smith. It’s currently free with an Audible Plus membership and is 3 hours in length. I actually enjoyed it so much I listened to it twice back-to-back. I […]

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cargo bulk move
Dec 05

How Bulk Copy Helps You Study a Scripture Topic

A new feature just went live in Scripture Notes this week. Bulk copy is a handy feature to let you combine verses to better organize a master collection to study from. For example, lets say you want to study the topic of healing in the scriptures. Here’s how you might start and how bulk copy […]

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