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seek and ye shall find
Feb 16

The Scriptural Command: Seek and ye Shall Find

Seek and ye shall find me As children we all probably played the game of hide and seek. Some people find a hiding spot and another tries to find everyone. One of our children always seemed to excel at this game and would find the most ingenious spots you wouldn’t expect someone to be hiding […]

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ask and ye shall receive
Feb 09

Ask and ye Shall Receive

For most of my life I’ve been the typical say your morning and nightly prayers kind of person. I had certain assumptions that things would just flow into my life in the right timing of the Lord and that I could ask for things I desired in righteousness and receive them, but I wasn’t really […]

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Loren Dalton Talk on Promptings
Feb 03

Loren Daltons Talk on Revelation and Promptings

Have you ever watched a video, read a book, or listened to a presentation and immediately wanted to do it again? Besides the scriptures, there are very few books I’ve read back to back. In fact I can only think of one right now which is the classic work “How to Win Friends, and Influence […]

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Jan 26

Was Christopher Columbus Led by God to the New World?

This past week while people were studying the Come Follow Me lesson that includes 1 Nephi 13, I saw a post online that included some good quotes about Columbus and thought I would write a little about this man that warranted being in a prophesy of Nephi’s about being led by God to the New […]

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Thy will be done
Jan 19

Not My Will Be Done, Thy Will Be Done

Not My Will Be Done, Thy Will Be Done Two of my favorite authors and thinkers are Neal A. Maxwell and C.S. Lewis. Both were incredibly blessed with insight and an ability to communicate powerful ideas. These two great quotes focus on the need to submit ourselves to God, and to give ourselves over to […]

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Scripture Study Techniques 1-5
Jan 13

Scripture Study Techniques & Tips – 1 through 5

Scripture Study Techniques Introduction Boring scripture study sessions will be a thing of the past when you start using Scripture Notes coupled with these scripture study techniques. This is the first batch of scripture study technique videos. Each video is 2-3 minutes and explains a new method for studying the scriptures. Many more will follow. […]

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Book of Mormon
Jan 12

Prophetic Promises of Studying the Book of Mormon

Since last week’s blog post on the Armor of God was a long one, I thought I’d do something different this week and give you a catalog of quotes to put into your Scripture Notes file on promises that have been made by prophets about reading and studying the Book of Mormon individually and with […]

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Knight in armor of God fights dragon
Jan 05

Putting on the Whole Armor of God

Spiritual Warfare is Real The scriptures are filled with both physical and spiritual warfare that took place anciently, and it is no different today. Paul told us we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians […]

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Dec 29

Having an Eye of Faith, Part 2: Meditation

Finding our Eye of Faith by Removing Distractions Last week we discussed how our eye of faith is what we might call our sacred imagination. We saw how tapping into our eye of faith is a mental exercise in visualization skills. This week we’re going to discuss another method of accessing our eye of faith […]

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Book of Mormon Commentary
Dec 23

Best of Book of Mormon Commentary List

Book of Mormon Commentaries In 2020 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is using the Book of Mormon for its course of study. Now is the perfect time to look for greater insights into the Book of Mormon and have an awesome tool to store all your insights for instant retrieval later. I […]

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