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Helix nebula, eye of faith
Dec 22

Having an Eye of Faith, Part 1: Sacred Imagination

The Helix nebula has been nicknamed the “Eye of God” and is one of the most stunning photographs captured by the Hubble telescope. It very much looks like a giant celestial eye in 3-D staring right back at us. We might liken the Hubble telescope to our mind, that when properly tuned in, we can […]

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They did dwindle in unbelief
Dec 15

And They did Dwindle in Unbelief

Dwindling in Unbelief If you’ve read the Book of Mormon, you have read this phrase a few times: “they dwindled in unbelief.” What does that mean? What is unbelief? How do you dwindle in unbelief? If ever there was a time in history when a people dwindled in unbelief, it’s now, but do we really […]

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What is Gematria?
Dec 08

Gematria – Good Clean Fun

In last weeks’ blog post on the symbolism of numbers and colors, I mentioned one of my great institute teachers (John Fowles) that got me going down that path. He also introduced me to this week’s “study topic,” which isn’t really a study as much as something that became a sacred fascination and incredible proof […]

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Number and color symbolism
Dec 01

Number and Color Symbolism in the Scriptures

Symbolism in the Scriptures – Literal or Figurative Have you ever been reading in the scriptures and wondered, “is that literal or figurative?” Have you wondered why certain numbers or colors were mentioned in a more than prominent way, as if they carried the entire meaning of the verse, but you didn’t know why that […]

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Nov 24

Plans of God, the Devil, and Man

Essential Organizing In the last study topic, we read about inspired conclusions, verses that contain a prophetic statement beginning with something like “and thus we see.” One of those verses stood out to me as very interesting. In Alma 28:13 we read: “And thus we see how great the inequality of man is because of […]

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And thus we see
Nov 17

And thus we see…Inspired Conclusions for Our Day

Introduction A phrase we see throughout the Book of Mormon is the conclusionary comment “and thus we see”. It is most often used by the writers as an inspired conclusion to events they have just portrayed. Its purpose is to serve as a warning to readers. In the words of Moroni: “…give thanks unto God […]

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succor the weak
Nov 10

Succor the Weak and Needy NOW

Succor the weak Think of a time when you’ve really been in need and someone was there to help you. Was it a friend or a stranger? Maybe you made a new friend that day as they attended to you to succor you in your hour of need. From Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the word succor […]

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What is the Holy Spirit?
Nov 03

What is the Holy Spirit? What is the light of Christ?

What is the Holy Spirit and is it different from the Holy Ghost? Have you ever wondered what the mechanism is that allows God to communicate directly with us? How does he know our thoughts? How does he plant thoughts into our mind and heart? In the last blog entry on Inspiration or Revelation, I […]

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inspiration or revelation
Oct 27

Did I just get Inspiration or Revelation?

What is the difference between revelation and inspiration? While looking for something online one day, I stumbled upon a research paper by Reid Bankhead. In 1949 he submitted a thesis as part of earning his Master of Theology degree, where he reviewed every instance of the words revelation and inspiration found in the Book of […]

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Seeking the mysteries
Oct 20

Are we Seeking the Mysteries of God

Seeking the Mysteries Life is a search for meaning. We constantly speculate about “what might be” out there. Have you ever mentioned a speculative thought and heard someone say not to delve into the mysteries? Has that shut you down and caused you to just “stick with the basics?” What are the basics and what […]

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