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Rabbit Hole
Sep 13

Scriptural Rabbit Holes

Going Down the Rabbit Hole As one begins a study of the scriptures, there is a phrase that I think describes the experience very well. “Going down the rabbit hole.” This is an allusion to the classic work “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. In essence, the meaning is to enter an unknown world […]

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As a Hen Gathereth her Chickens
Sep 10

As a Hen Gathereth her Chickens

In the newly renovated Jordan River temple there is a beautiful piece of art by Jeff Hein depicting Christ and a young girl feeding chickens titled “As a Hen Gathereth.” This theme appears multiple times in scripture and makes for a great topic of study to see how to use Scripture Notes in a more […]

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Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary
Sep 08

Resource 1: Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary

Noah Webster Noah Webster lived from 1758-1843. He wanted to create an American dictionary to standardize spelling and pronunciation. Instead of the British forms of spelling like “colour,” we have “color” today because of his work. His first dictionary contained 70,000 words, 12,000 of which had not appeared in a dictionary up to that point. […]

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search cheat sheet
Sep 07

Search Cheat Sheet

Full-Text Search in Scripture NotesScripture Notes supports full-text search features. Unlike some products that only let you search for a single word, you can do advanced searches of the scriptures with Scripture Notes. This gives you incredible power in doing searches. I will first list your modifiers and then give some specific examples.Search ModifiersModifierWhat it […]

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T6-Comprehensive Search Study
Sep 06

Tutorial 6: Comprehensive Search and Study Session

Scripture Notes Tutorial Day 6: Digging In! Today we’ll demonstrate a comprehensive search and study session where we really try to dig into the scriptures and how you can get deeper into scripture study using Scripture Notes. Idumea and its Destruction Open a reading pane to Doctrine and Covenants section 1 and scroll down to […]

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T5-Stories Searches
Sep 05

Tutorial 5: Advanced Search

Scripture Notes Tutorial Day 5: Stories and Narrowed Searches Today’s lesson will be on using the advanced search pane and you’ll be journaling a personal experience into a collection note to help facilitate this. Scripture Notes has a great way to store all your stories and be able to search for them when you need […]

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T4-advanced collection notes
Sep 04

Tutorial 4: Advanced Collection Notes

Scripture Notes Tutorial Day 4: The LDS Sacrament Prayers Today’s tutorial will cover some other features of the collection note pane and we’re going to do this using the sacrament prayers because they are ideal for a comparison which will show you how to use tables. Collecting Verses Get started by opening a reading pane […]

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T3-basic notes
Sep 03

Tutorial 3: Basic Notes and Asking Questions

Scripture Notes Tutorial Day 3: Building Your Powers of Inquiry Today’s lesson is all about digging into individual scriptures as you study and we’ll discuss ways to approach marking your digital scriptures as well. For this example, we’ll just start at the very beginning, Genesis 1:1. That’s a very good place to start… ;) Part […]

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T2-multiple collection notes
Sep 02

Tutorial 2: Using Multiple Collection Notes

Scripture Notes Tutorial Day 2: Nourish Me In today’s tutorial, we’re going to learn how to take a study project and use Scripture Notes to break it up into multiple related topics which you can then study individually (or together if you want for comparison purposes). Log into Scripture Notes and open a search window […]

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T1-collection notes
Sep 01

Tutorial 1: How to use Collection Notes in Scripture Notes

Scripture Notes Tutorial Day 1: Your Director Welcome to Scripture Notes and your first tutorial using the program. You can watch the video above or go through the steps below. Show, or tell. :) Actually, I recommend watching the video, then jumping to the “Two Spindles” section below which is not in the video. Today’s […]

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