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Unclogging the Soul with Spiritual Draino
Jul 26

Unclogging the Soul with Spiritual Draino

Last week I had to unclog a tub drain and it got me to thinking about spiritual clogs that stop the flow of the Spirit of God in our lives. I soon noticed a verse in the scriptures talking about hardened hearts and blind minds and it made me realize what some of these clogs […]

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20 Missions of Heavenly Father
Jul 16

20 Roles and Missions of Heavenly Father

As in the past posts on roles and missions of the Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ, this short presentation lightly covers unique roles and missions of our Heavenly Father as found in the scriptures. Because I categorized certain things together, the figure 20 is loose because sometimes multiple different things are part of one category […]

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Import Gospel Library Notes to Scripture Notes
Jul 08

How to Import Gospel Library Notes to Scripture Notes

I am pleased to announce our new import routine to bring in notes from Gospel Library (digital scriptures from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) to Scripture Notes. The process is quick and easy. Instructions are below including limitations on what can be imported. Follow the simple directions. You get one opportunity to […]

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Cleon Skousen Library Additions
Jul 05

Announcing Skousen Library Resources

Thanks to the incredible work of Richard Skousen, we now have within Scripture Notes chapter resources, links to many of the writings of Cleon Skousen, Eric Skousen’s book, “Earth in the Beginning,” and Richard Skousen’s book, “His Return.” Each resource link will take you straight to a chapter in one of the following books, and […]

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Meet Meghan Farner Latter Day Disciples Host
Jun 25

Meet Meghan Farner – Latter-Day Disciples Host

Meet Meghan Farner, host of the “Latter-Day Disciples” podcast. Get to know Meghan and her fantastic podcast which contains scripture insights and interviews from a variety of individuals with either a story to share, or doctrine to unfold. Check out her website at: and find the podcast on your favorite player. Watch my interview […]

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Jonathan Neville Restoring Translation to the Restoration
Jun 23

Jonathan Neville – Restoring Translation to the Restoration

In recent years, a group of LDS historians has revived the old idea that Joseph Smith produced the Book of Mormon by reading words that appeared on a stone in the hat (SITH). SITH was described in the 1834 book Mormonism Unvailed, a book that Joseph Smith denounced. In response, on multiple occasions Joseph and […]

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A Chronology of In the Beginning
Jun 13

A Chronology of In the Beginning

My latest study project has been to try and study things that the scriptures say or infer happened in the pre-mortal realm. Here’s a look at what you can find in the scriptures when you study something topically and organize your notes. I was surprised at some of the things I learned when I had […]

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Jesus reading the scroll of the prophet Isaiah
Jun 04

New Content – Isaiah Institute Translation Added

This week we have added Dr. Avraham Gileadi’s translation of Isaiah. During his Ph.D. program, Dr. Gileadi translated the text of Isaiah into modern English, with annotations from the Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah, 1Qsa, and the Greek Septuagint Version, LXX, and published it with analyses of Isaiah’s literary patterns uncovered during a decade of […]

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Kris Kimball Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain
May 29

Kris Kimball on Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain

What happened to Jesus between the ages of 12-30? The Bible is silent on this time frame, but other sources record possible travels of Christ. What do we know from traditions, including the most persistent one that Jesus was in Ancient Britain. We will also look at other traditions of Jesus and what happened to […]

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Custom Verse Markup for Collection Notes
May 29

New Feature – Custom Verse Markup for Collection Notes

This week we have released a new feature for custom markup on collection notes. People love to mark up their scriptures and now with this feature, you can get a blank slate every time you want to study a topic so you can do something unique for that topic without overwriting your regular verse markup. […]

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