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Chains of Hell
Jun 28

What are the Chains of Hell Mentioned in Scripture?

Do the Chains of Hell Bind You? Over and over in the scriptures we see instances where a single verse sheds extra light on all the other verses that share a word or phrase. I like to call these scriptural Easter eggs because they are a delight to find and often hidden in plain sight. […]

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Jun 21

How to Store Images in Scripture Notes

Let me start with a warning: Scripture Notes does not currently support large images being stored in collection notes as I’m about to demonstrate. If it’s a small file size, it works OK. However, it is not recommended to paste in an image. You can store the image online in Dropbox or somewhere and link […]

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Jun 14

What is Expedient for You to Do and Become?

Have you pondered what is expedient for you to be doing and becoming? I love how looking across the scriptures builds my testimony of Christ and the prophet Joseph Smith. As I realize the incredible variety of doctrinal uses of a word, it is a testament to me that Joseph didn’t just make up the […]

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Quotation marks
Jun 07

How to Store LDS Quotes

How do you store all the awesome LDS quotes * you find from conference talks or other books? Some people copy them into a Word doc or Evernote but there’s a much better way to do it and associate those statements with the scriptures using Scripture Notes. In a previous post I discussed how to […]

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How to study the Bible
May 31

How to Study the Scriptures More Effectively – Infographic

Study the Scriptures Effectively Want to learn how to study the scriptures more effectively and dig deeper than ever before? Here’s a systematic process designed to help you achieve this goal. No scripture study session is ever the same as another because the content of what you are examining and the way you might be […]

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May 24

Overcoming FUD through the proper application of anxiety

Life is full of F.U.D. While studying accounting in college, I took a required economics course. One of the factors the instructor taught us about that affects economic decisions is a term described by the acronym FUD. It stands for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. In a stable world, the economics of a free market are […]

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Atlanta Temple of God
May 17

How to Not Defile Your Temple

In the trilogy of movies around JRR Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit, one of the chief bad guys is an orc bearing the name and title, Azog the defiler. As in all good stories, evil meets its end, but not before causing as much damage as possible. In the personal realm, the scriptures teach us to […]

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May 10

How Do I Meet the Wants and Needs of Others?

Have you ever really wanted something to the point where that want became a need? Maybe it was a special toy as a child (or an adult). Perhaps you were at a friend’s house and enjoyed playing a video game you didn’t have. Maybe it was seeing a “puppies for sale” sign in front of […]

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Scripture Study Techniques 9 single verse sessions
May 03

Single Scripture Verse Study Sessions

This post is part of a series of scripture study tips which you can view on our posts or our YouTube playlist for scripture study techniques. Do you set reading goals for your scripture study time? What would appropriate goals look like? Would they be to complete a book of scripture in a given period […]

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