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The meaning of in
Sep 04

Guest Post: The Meaning of ‘In”

It’s always amazing to me that the simplest of things can have profound meaning. Faith is the simplest and yet the most complex principle of the gospel. “In” is such a small word but I’ll never look at it again the same way. This past week I got a wonderful insight from one of the […]

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How to prepare a Come Follow Me lesson
Sep 03

How to Prepare a Come Follow Me Lesson

Preparing a lesson always involves a lot of preparation and multiple passes through the content you want to teach. You have to feel confident in what you’re teaching, but also try to be in tune to know what God wants you to teach. Scripture Notes has a unique interface to assist you in lesson preparation. […]

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How to use powerful Boolean scripture searches
Aug 28

How to do Powerful Boolean Scripture Searches

Boolean searches are the most useful types of searches you can do in the scriptures. They are simple to learn to do, but so useful you will never want to search the scriptures another way. A Boolean search just means you are using a logical structure in your search. If you can recall the old […]

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Prepare a place, estate, mansion
Aug 21

Places, Estates, and Mansions

I made this video to demonstrate the power of digging into the scriptures. I’m not trying to draw out conclusions here for you, but just to show how one idea leads to another and that sets the stage to get powerful insights. You can draw your own questions and conclusions on what I point out […]

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How to dig deeper in the scriptures
Aug 07

How to Dig Deeper in the Scriptures

This is a quick video example of how to dig deeper in the scriptures using a verse in Ezekiel to show what to do when something stands out to you. I’ve said this elsewhere, but the Lord has told us to search the scriptures because in searching, we find the things the Lord has hidden. […]

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Civic duty
Jul 24

What is our Civic Duty, Part 3

Life Changing Truth About 22 years ago, I “stumbled upon” (IE. the Lord led me to) an April 1965 General Conference talk by Ezra Taft Benson entitled “Not Commanded in All Things.” I have no doubt the Lord led me to it to wake me up from my comfortable slumber. The talk penetrated my soul, […]

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Civic duty
Jul 17

What is Our Civic Duty, Part 2

Many years ago I had an institute teacher that pointed out the unlikely nature of the story in Job chapter 1. He said something to the effect of, “it’s not good doctrine that God gets together with the devil to discuss afflicting one of his children.” He then pointed us to one of the most […]

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Civic duty
Jul 10

What is Our Civic Duty? Part 1

When America’s Founding Fathers created the U.S. Constitution, they looked to the way God organized ancient Israel’s law in the book of Deuteronomy as their primary source of guidance and inspiration. There were many other sources, 15,000 of them I believe have been catalogued, but by far, they were influenced most by Biblical law because […]

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Dad's with flag - Civic duty
Jun 19

A Father’s Day Call to Proclaim Liberty

Around age 30 I had my first life changing experience. Up to that point I had led a mostly happy-go-lucky life. I grew up in a wonderful area with a wonderful family and basically operated under the notion that if I just lived the gospel and performed my church duties and raised a family, I […]

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