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Mustard seeds
May 07

Faith as a Mustard Seed

In Luke 17:6, the Lord says, “If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.” In Matthew 17:20, the author records Jesus as saying, “If ye have faith […]

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House of Jacob
Apr 30

An Example of Digging

Recently I posted a video on 17 Missions of the Holy Ghost. I am presently working on missions of Jesus Christ, and after that missions of our Heavenly Father. This morning I thought I would just share an example of what to do when you have a question about a scripture. The text is from […]

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How to teach from the scriptures using Scripture Notes
Apr 16

How to Teach from the Scriptures Using Scripture Notes

Are you a teacher? Do you want a slick way to reference both your notes and the scriptures while you’re teaching your class? With Scripture Notes you can teach from a laptop, tablet, mobile device, or print out your lesson. Here’s how. Watch it in action (visit article page): Read it: 1) Create and save […]

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Mar 19

How to Keep a Journal in Scripture Notes – New

New feature: You now have the ability to keep a journal in Scripture Notes. This might just be a spiritual journal you use to record your experiences in each day, or your full journal. What’s really cool is in keeping your journal this way, you can tie your experiences to scriptures if you want, collection […]

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Abram and the Joseph Smith Translation
Mar 12

Abram and the Joseph Smith Translation

Yesterday I finished getting the full Joseph Smith Translation added into Scripture Notes so today I went straight to Genesis 14 to study Melchizedek. However, before I even got to those verses I discovered something I’d never seen about Abraham before. Watch it here:   YouTube Transcript: I just wanted to kick this video out […]

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Becoming one with God
Mar 05

Becoming One With God

Why does the Lord want us to become one with him? For what purpose does it serve and how do we do it? Watch this video to learn what the scriptures say.    

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ChatGPT responds to a gospel question
Feb 12

A Gospel Question for ChatGPT

You’ve all probably heard about the ChatGPT A.I. system and seen some of the amazing things it can do. I’ve played with it a little and laughed having some fun with it like asking what kind of dog different Lord of the Rings characters would have (a few fun answers below), but yesterday I thought […]

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Judged out of the Books
Feb 05

Judged out of the Books

This week I was a guest on the High Five Live show with Scott Anderson, a long time CES teacher. It was a lot of fun to talk about searching the scriptures with him and he allowed me to showcase Scripture Notes for their viewers. Later, I decided to make a bit of a tutorial […]

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Line of demarcation
Jan 29

Godspell and A Line of Demarcation

I returned home from church today trying to find a quote someone had shared in Sunday School. He’d said it was from Orson F. Whitney and when I couldn’t find it, I contacted him and he misspoke and it was from George Albert Smith. However, this did let me discover something I thought I would […]

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Jesus is my crutch
Jan 22

Jesus is my Crutch

  It was 31 years ago this April when I was attending Utah State University and playing in an intramural soccer tournament with friends from my Mountain View dorm. We had a really good team and didn’t take ourselves too seriously so we were having a blast. A Moment of Glory I remember one glorious […]

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