A Chronology of In the Beginning

Jun 13
A Chronology of In the Beginning

My latest study project has been to try and study things that the scriptures say or infer happened in the pre-mortal realm. Here’s a look at what you can find in the scriptures when you study something topically and organize your notes. I was surprised at some of the things I learned when I had to try and put them in a chronological order. They make sense to me.

In this video I share the results of the project, as well as show you how to do similar projects yourself. It helps to make notes and then organize a diagram or timeline with an outside word processor or spreadsheet to get a sense of big picture items and then start tossing the detail level items into those categories. At some point, you start asking, “where does this fit,” and that’s where the fun starts. I’ll show you how.


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