What can Scripture Notes do?

Jan 30
What can Scripture Notes do

This is a quick video of the desktop version of Scripture Notes I made to share with someone who asked what Scripture Notes can do.

Dr. Brent Top, former Dean of Religious Studies at BYU said he was “blown away by it.”

The app helps people change the way they study from reading the scriptures, to searching them as the Lord commanded us to do.

By writing all the thoughts that come to you as you go, you will increase your revelation and obtain a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

You will also maintain those thoughts right next to the scriptures for years to come so you don’t have to go find old notepads that contain parts of what you’ve recorded. It’s always present.

There is also a mobile app which has a very slick interface supporting these features which you can see one tutorial of here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w81P7jtDQhY

(NOTE: After hitting play on the video, click the square in the lower right corner to enlarge it and view it full screen.)


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