A Collection Note Power Trick

Feb 28

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about doing this previously, but this is a great way to maximize your writing space in Scripture Notes. By design, Scripture Notes will allow for 4 columns, or 2 expanded columns on a widescreen monitor. A laptop monitor will only fit that much if you use the zoom ability to zoom out a little bit. (Zoom controls vary by browser but you can find them in your browser’s menu.)

Here’s how to maximize your study and writing space when making a collection note.

1) Create a collection note from a search or topical guide entry or however you choose to do it.

Click create collection note

2) Save it, then open it a second time next to the first collection note.

3) Now where the drag point is in the lower right corner of the master collection note, in the pane on the left, drag the point down to the bottom edge of the pane, and in the pane on the right drag it to the top. Now you are left with full typing space on the left, and full scripture space on the right. See below for the full size image of what it will look like when you do this.

Collection note click and drag

4) One big warning. Having two of the same collection notes open at the same time, you could accidentally click save/update at the top of the scripture column on the right. DON’T DO THAT or you will save a blank note.

Verse markup and verse notes are automatically saved as you go, but that collection note which you just hid above the scriptures will be blank because you’re typing it on the left side. When you’re done studying, click the close button on the right pane FIRST, and then click the save/update button on the left.

Collection note writing side update only


What it looks like full size:

Dual collection note panes

Happy studying!


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