Infinite Degrees of Glory
Dec 03

There are Infinite Degrees of Glory

I remember some years ago in a stake conference one of the speakers shared a quote that blew my mind. The quote related to 1 Corinthians 15:40-42 where Paul is talking about resurrected bodies being of varying degrees of glory. There are 3 broad categories we know as celestial, terrestrial, and telestial, which are respectively […]

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Saving and Marking a Chiasm
Nov 26

Saving and Marking a Chiasm using 3 Nephi 20

After receiving an email from Avraham Gileadi’s Isaiah Institute this week which included the outline of a chiasm in 3 Nephi 20, I wanted to show a few ways you can save something like this in Scripture Notes, and a trick for how to mark it up. Check it out here.

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How to search the scriptures - for beginners to advanced
Nov 19

Searching the Scriptures Video Series

This week I thought I would make some videos to help you understand how to search the scriptures in deeper ways. There will probably be more videos coming in this series which you will find on our YouTube channel, but here are the first 3 in increasing complexity. I guarantee you’ll learn something from these […]

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Q and A with Isaiah Scholar Avraham Gileadi
Nov 03

Q&A with Avraham Gileadi

With events in the world the way they are, and everything in commotion, where would you turn for answers about what’s happening and what comes next? Isaiah would be a good choice. Please enjoy this Q&A with Avraham Gileadi.

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How to Study a Topic - Covenants
Oct 28

How to Study a Topic – Covenants

I was recently at an event where the speaker mentioned there were 7 covenants in the scriptures. My mind naturally got curious what those were and I wanted to take a look for myself. I realized it might be helpful for others to see how I was approaching this so I made a video to demonstrate […]

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Study by Comparing Chapters Side-by-Side
Oct 22

Study by Comparing Chapters Side-by-Side

This past week I was watching the first video of an 8-part series on the events coming up to the second coming. I loved what the creator of this series did and wanted to share it with you for ideas in doing your own scripture study. His name is Kent Blackhurst and his YouTube channel […]

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Mental exertion is key to drawing on the powers of heaven
Sep 24

Mental Exertion is Key to Drawing on the Powers of Heaven

One of the key factors in exercising faith, is exercising your mind. Without mental exertion to keep your mind on track for the object or purpose which you are seeking by your faith, you will lack the power to obtain the blessings you seek for. In this video, I share some thoughts on faith, key […]

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Andrew Young webinar how Hollywood socially engineers your family
Sep 17

Andrew Young – How Hollywood Socially Engineers Your Family

After listening to Andrew Young on another podcast, I knew I needed to bring him on for a discussion. I feel like brothers-in-arms with him about the cultural war being waged against our children and wanted to make sure his message was heard by more people. Everyone knows Hollywood has dramatically changed from decades ago, […]

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How to Study Isaiah with Scripture Notes
Sep 10

How to Study Isaiah with Scripture Notes

In the video below, I show how powerful it is to study Isaiah using Scripture Notes. The last blog post called “Isaiah’s 30 End-time Events” shared 30 collection notes you can download and save to your own Scripture Notes account. They accompany Avraham Gileadi’s commentary on the events, so you can go through each of […]

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