Isaiah's 7 part structure
Oct 02

America as Egypt – Isaiah Made Simple

How well do you know Isaiah? How well would you like to? Years ago I listened to Dr. Avraham Gileadi’s Analytical Commentary on Isaiah (about 30 hours of audio) and was amazed how much more it made sense after having him explain it (The commentary is free online and I’ll show you how to access […]

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Apocrypha online
Sep 25

New Content: Apocrypha added to Scripture Notes

The Apocrypha has just been added to the Scripture Notes library for you to access. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, the Apocrypha is a collection of ancient texts that appeared in many versions of the Bible, placed between the Old and New Testaments. Depending on the religious background of an individual they […]

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Trust vs Reliance
Sep 18

Trusting vs. Relying on the Lord

It’s one thing to say you have faith in God. It’s a completely different thing to be put into a position of full reliance on him. A couple weeks ago I got an email from Jerilynn Carter and she shared a great thought on the difference between trusting God and relying on God. She gave […]

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The Value of Life - How to Go Deep on a Verse Topic
Sep 11

How to Go Deep on a Verse Topic – The Value of Life

I received an email from Emmanuel asking how to go deeper into a scripture verse to expound on it. I asked him for something he would like me to demonstrate and he replied back with Psalm 24:1 and said “the value of life which God has given us.” Here’s a short demonstration of how to […]

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The meaning of in
Sep 04

Guest Post: The Meaning of ‘In”

It’s always amazing to me that the simplest of things can have profound meaning. Faith is the simplest and yet the most complex principle of the gospel. “In” is such a small word but I’ll never look at it again the same way. This past week I got a wonderful insight from one of the […]

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How to prepare a Come Follow Me lesson
Sep 03

How to Prepare a Come Follow Me Lesson

Preparing a lesson always involves a lot of preparation and multiple passes through the content you want to teach. You have to feel confident in what you’re teaching, but also try to be in tune to know what God wants you to teach. Scripture Notes has a unique interface to assist you in lesson preparation. […]

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How to use powerful Boolean scripture searches
Aug 28

How to do Powerful Boolean Scripture Searches

Boolean searches are the most useful types of searches you can do in the scriptures. They are simple to learn to do, but so useful you will never want to search the scriptures another way. A Boolean search just means you are using a logical structure in your search. If you can recall the old […]

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Prepare a place, estate, mansion
Aug 21

Places, Estates, and Mansions

I made this video to demonstrate the power of digging into the scriptures. I’m not trying to draw out conclusions here for you, but just to show how one idea leads to another and that sets the stage to get powerful insights. You can draw your own questions and conclusions on what I point out […]

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