Daniel, the AI Scripture Notes Research Assistant
Apr 21

Introducing Daniel, your Scripture Notes AI Research Assistant

I am so excited to introduce you to the latest Scripture Notes feature. Meet Daniel, the Scripture Notes AI research assistant. Daniel is available by every verse and paragraph in the Scripture Notes library to help you find context and meaning for what you are studying. This is only the very beginning stages of what […]

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Snatched from hell
Mar 31

Snatched from Hell

On this Easter morning, I’m very grateful to have discovered a word in the Book of Mormon that perfectly describes this day. The word is “snatched” and it’s use in the Book of Mormon is perfectly suited for God’s mercy in sending his Son to save us. Alma the younger is an interesting story. His […]

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How to Study Isaiah with Avraham Gileadi using Scripture Notes
Mar 22

How to Study Isaiah with Avraham Gileadi using Scripture Notes

Whether you’re a newbie to Isaiah or a seasoned student, Scripture Notes can help you get into a study of Isaiah quickly using Avraham Gileadi’s resources on this incredible book of prophesy. Watch this video to see how to get going. Thanks for watching! Make sure you sign up for the Isaiah Institute conference here: […]

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Do we comprehend our nature
Mar 03

Do we Comprehend our Nature?

Last week while doing a search in my scriptures, I stumbled on a verse in 2 Enoch 30 which stunned me. I had been reading somewhere about the four parts of the earth and wondered if there might be more meaning behind this phrase. The scriptures talk about the four parts, four corners, four winds, […]

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Heather Linchenko - How to fight right to build Zion
Feb 26

Heather Linchenko – How to Fight Right to Build Zion

When considering why certain relationships in your life are still struggling, have you ever taken inventory of yourself wondering what you were missing? Your heart is right; your love is strong; you’ve prayed without ceasing; you’re a truth seeker and have tried everything imaginable to make things better…  What do you yet lack? The answer that completely transformed my family […]

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