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A scriptural approach to temple doctrine with Cory Jensen and Meghan Farner
Dec 10

A Scriptural Approach to Temple Doctrine Webinar

Author Cory Jensen and podcast host Meghan Farner share the inspiration, process, and personal insights that lead to the creation of the first-of-its-kind online temple class, “House of Learning: Understanding the Doctrine of the Temple.” Cory Jensen is the author of 3 books on preparing for, understanding, and completing your endowment. They are fascinating books […]

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Q and A with Isaiah Scholar Avraham Gileadi
Nov 03

Q&A with Avraham Gileadi

With events in the world the way they are, and everything in commotion, where would you turn for answers about what’s happening and what comes next? Isaiah would be a good choice. Please enjoy this Q&A with Avraham Gileadi.

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Time Skimmer Game
Oct 15

Time Skimmer

Our very first game for Scripture Notes is now in the app. Time Skimmer. Try it today. If you’re a pro member or on the free trial and you send me a screenshot with a perfect 100/100 score on the full Book of Mormon timeline, I’ll give you a free year of Scripture Notes if […]

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Mental exertion is key to drawing on the powers of heaven
Sep 24

Mental Exertion is Key to Drawing on the Powers of Heaven

One of the key factors in exercising faith, is exercising your mind. Without mental exertion to keep your mind on track for the object or purpose which you are seeking by your faith, you will lack the power to obtain the blessings you seek for. In this video, I share some thoughts on faith, key […]

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New public sharing inside Scripture Notes
Sep 17

New Feature – Public Collection Note Sharing

Building on top of last week’s announcement on sharing collection notes, we now announce public collection note sharing within the Scripture Notes app. Anyone can share, but please observe a few guidelines. Right now, there is no moderation system. That makes this the wild west of sharing. If you see something that doesn’t belong, just […]

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Andrew Young webinar how Hollywood socially engineers your family
Sep 17

Andrew Young – How Hollywood Socially Engineers Your Family

After listening to Andrew Young on another podcast, I knew I needed to bring him on for a discussion. I feel like brothers-in-arms with him about the cultural war being waged against our children and wanted to make sure his message was heard by more people. Everyone knows Hollywood has dramatically changed from decades ago, […]

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How to Share Notes With Others in Scripture Notes
Aug 31

How to share notes with others using Scripture Notes

Our newest feature is available for use. Now you can share collection notes with others AND learn from all the cool things others are studying. Watch this video to see how easy this feature is to use, and if you haven’t started using Scripture Notes, start today with a free trial and see how you […]

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