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Mighty Prayer and the Word of God
Apr 23

Mighty Prayer and the Word of God

When we want to learn a subject we should closely examine what the scriptures and prophets have said about it. A very careful reading, and putting related verses next to each other, will reveal things we wouldn’t otherwise notice. Asking questions and seeking those answers, we can find insights into the topic that are hidden […]

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17 missions of the Holy Ghost
Apr 09

17 Missions of the Holy Ghost

While preparing a presentation for an upcoming conference, I had an experience that led me to study the Topical Guide entry for “Holy Ghost, Missions of” and I wanted to share it because it really surprised me. I had no real comprehension for how broad a mission the Holy Ghost has in this world and […]

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Terryl Givens Christ as Healer
Mar 31

Christ as Healer – Webinar with Terryl Givens

How do the history of biblical translation and a few interpretive aids open new possibilities for understanding Christ’s role in our lives, and key terms like salvation and repentance? Enjoy this webinar with gospel scholar Terryl Givens. Biography: Terryl Lynn Givens is a senior research fellow with the Neal A. Maxwell Institute of Religious Scholarship […]

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Dennis Deaton Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought
Feb 26

Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought – Dennis Deaton

Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought: Defeating Fear, Doubt and Discouragement For all Christians who earnestly seek to accept the Lord Jesus Christ’s loving invitation to “Come Unto Me,” there is tremendous need to understand how literally and directly the adversary is endeavoring to defeat our discipleship by tampering with our thoughts. Cunningly disguised as […]

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Ann Ferguson Help Thou My Unbelief
Jan 30

Ann Ferguson Webinar – Help Thou My Unbelief

How to ask with unwavering faith and receive the everyday miracles you need In announcing this next webinar (video at the bottom), I want to say something I have never said on a previous webinar. I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say this may be the most life changing webinar you can attend. […]

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Brandon Mull on Christ's Healing Power
Dec 29

Brandon Mull on the Healing Power of Jesus Christ

If you don’t know Brandon Mull, he’s written 21 books, all NY Times bestsellers, including the Fablehaven, Dragonwatch, Five Kingdoms, Beyonders, and Candy Shop War series. He also partnered with Scholastic to create the Spirit Animals series. Brandon currently lives in Utah with his wife and eleven children. In this webinar Brandon will share events […]

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How to study the books of Enoch and Jasher
Nov 29

How to Study the Books of Enoch and Jasher

Scripture Notes now has all 3 books of Enoch, as well as the book of Jasher in them for your study pleasure. Why should you study them? Watch the video below where I have a conversation with David Hocking about them. You may recall that David did a webinar for us a while back on […]

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Abiding in the presence of God Phil McLemore
Nov 20

Abiding in the Presence of God Webinar with Phil McLemore

LDS Church President, David O. McKay, stated that, “Meditation is one of the most secret, most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord.”  In this webinar with Phil McLemore, you will learn why meditation, as spiritual practice, is the deepest form of prayer and the key to spiritual rebirth and […]

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