Current World Events in Isaiah’s Prophetic Timeline

Apr 13
Avraham Gileadi Webinar

Years ago, Dr. Avraham Gileadi’s “Analytical Commentary on the Book of Isaiah” really opened my eyes to understanding the writings and prophecies of Isaiah. He has published numerous books and other content to continue teaching the critical words of this prophet, including tying themes together relevant to our spiritual growth, and current world events.

You can enjoy Avraham’s “Apocalyptic Commentary on Isaiah” from inside Scripture Notes. Just click from any Isaiah chapter to open resources (red arrows), expand the Isaiah Institute option and click the audio button to open a playback window of commentary (blue arrows). I recommend moving it to the far left and that way it will easily be accessible and you can continue opening panes on the right to perform searches and other things you need to do. You can also click to open a link straight to Avraham’s Isaiah Explained website to see his translation text. In the future I hope to add this in to Scripture Notes.

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