Family Plans

Scripture Notes family plans

Scripture Notes now offers family plans. These plans allow for your spouse and dependent under 26 who are full-time students, to get a discounted membership. To sign up, log into the account that will be the master account and click on Account Settings in your dashboard. Click the Manage Family Members link and you will see this popup. Fill it out for each family member and click Add Now.

If the master account is on an annual plan or extended year plan, sub-accounts will be billed for a prorated annual amount of $30.

If the master account is on a monthly plan, sub-accounts will be billed $3 per month.

If the spouse or child has a membership already, cancel it, then add them. They cannot have multiple active accounts. Cancel it by having them sign in, click account settings, and click cancel membership. It may be easiest to just wait on them till their account is ready to expire before adding them.

To remove someone from a family plan when they age out, just click the X by their name in the family member section at the top and they can subscribe in their own account settings.

Family Plans