Tutorials & Resources

tutorials and resources

If you just signed up for a new Scripture Notes account, welcome aboard!

You’re about to start an amazing journey and learn how to study the scriptures like a pro.

If you’re returning to continue your scripture Jedi training, welcome back Padawan learner. Enlightenment awaits you below.

General Overview on Studying the Scriptures

How to Study the Scriptures More Effectively – An Infographic

Scripture Notes Tutorials

Fast Start Video: Watch a video overview of how to use Scripture Notes. Also includes quick reference graphics for the interface.

*Tutorial 1: How to use Collection Notes (Taking the Liahona for our guide…)

Tutorial 2: Using Multiple Collection Notes (How to break up a study topic into multiple topics for nourishing the soul…)

Tutorial 3: Basic Notes and Asking Questions (It’s the Genesis of all things…)

Tutorial 4: Advanced Collection Notes (Comparing the Sacrament prayers)

Tutorial 5: Advanced Search (Lets your scripture study run and not be weary)

Tutorial 6: Comprehensive Search and Study Session (Digging into a live action study topic)

Other helps:

How to Store General Conference Notes

How to Store LDS Quotes

3 Ways to Ask Questions in Scripture Notes

How to Store Longer Quotes With and Without References

An Approach to Marking Your Scriptures: Systematic vs. Freeform

Short Video Tips & Techniques

Resources for Enhancing Your Study

Resource 1: Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary (Understand scriptural language in Joseph Smith’s day)

Resource 2: Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (How to look up Hebrew and Greek meanings of words)

Resource 3: LDS Citation Index (Every verse, every prophetic reference)

Resource 4: Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible (The entire (incomplete) inspired version of the Bible)

Resource 5: Search Engines (A modern day Urim and Thummim)

Resource 6: Searching and Making Isaiah Plain (The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light)

Resource 7: Bible Hub (Parallel Bibles, commentary, and Strong’s concordance)

Moving to Mastery

By the time you finish going through these modules, you’ll be a Jedi knight at Scripture Notes and at studying the scriptures.

Continue your learning with the weekly study topic email sent out each Wednesday (which starts with topic #1 so you don’t miss any) and then if you want to catch up to current topics, sign up for the new topic of the week which is delivered on Sundays. When the old topic emails reach the Sunday topic you started with, unsubscribe from that list and just continue with the Sunday topics.

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