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Full-Text Search in Scripture Notes

Scripture Notes supports full-text search features. Unlike some products that only let you search for a single word, you can do advanced searches of the scriptures with Scripture Notes. This gives you incredible power in doing searches. I will first list your modifiers and then give some specific examples.

Search Modifiers


​What it does

+ / AND

​Words on both sides of the + or AND must both be present. Either a + or "and" can be used, as well as neither. Searching for two words without a modified between them will perform an AND search.


​Either word on either side of the OR can be present

- (NOT)

​A word to the ​right of the minus sign must not be present.


Wildcard character to find multiple endings to a word. Tip: reduce words to the level you want to search from. For example, searching for strive* will find strive and strives, but removing the "e" and searching for striv* will also find striving.

( )

Parenthesis treat a set of commands as a group

" "

Double quotation marks around words return an exact phrase match

​Search Examples

For purposes of creating examples, I will capitalize the modifiers, but you can use all lower case when actually doing searches.

​Search Text

​What it ​finds

Eye AND Single

Eye +Single

Eye Single

​All verses where both "eye" and "single" are in the verse

Eye OR Single

​All verses where either "eye" or "single" appear. This is the largest set because either word must be present but not requiring the other.

Eye -Single

"​Eye" must be present in the verse and "single" must not be present.

"milk and honey"

Quote marks make what's inside exact so the "and" doesn't function like the modified AND, and only find verses where both milk and honey both appear. The quotes mean it will only return this exact phrase.


​All verses with words that start oft such as oft, often, ofttimes, oftentimes, and oftener. I suggest using the wildcard often. 🙂

"How oft*"

Wildcards can be used inside quotes. In this instance all exact phrases will be found such as "how oft" and "how often".

wait* AND (Lord OR God )

​Parenthesis ensure items are treated together just like in math operations.

​Finds all verses where wait or waits or waiting is found, and either the word Lord or God is present as well. Very handy when you want to find matchups of words but one word might vary.

​Taxes OR tribute OR custom AND land

A tricky mess. This is not a good search unless you mean to find verses that contain the word taxes, or tribute, or a combination of custom and land. The AND modifier at the end will only attach to the word custom.

(​​Taxes OR tribute OR custom) AND land


(​​Taxes OR tribute OR custom) land

​This is the correct way to search for multiple meanings. One of the first 3 words must be present AND land must be present as well.

​Just* -"just" -"justice"

​Find all words that start with "just" like justify, justified, justification, but exclude "just" and "justice". This could also be written:

​Just* -("just" or "justice")

In a search pane, if you discover a word you don't want to include results for, just edit the search at the top of the pane and have that word removed. One warning, if you have removed verses from your search, redoing the search will add them back in.

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