Version History

Version history

Scripture Notes has been in development for a long time. It is a simple to use program which contains a lot of neat features. We continue to add new features and content (click to see content list).

In January 2023, I made a quick demo video of Scripture Notes to show someone what the program can do. Since then we have added additional features with many more on the way. Below is a list of features up to January 2023 and then additional features as they are released. If you want to see the program in action here is a video to start with.


November 2023

  • Added Maps to chapter resources. For the Bible and Doctrine & Covenants, click the map icon to open a Google map with placement markers for that chapter’s locations.
  • Report printing
  • As a Man Thinketh added to library

October 2023

  • Mobile updates
  • Time Skimmer game

September 2023

  • Added Jesus the Christ to library

August 2023

  • Sharing Collection Notes privately and publicly

July 2023

  • Ability to import notes from Gospel Library

June 2023

  • Major updates to chapter resources adding a dozen titles from Cleon, Eric, and Richard Skousen

May 2023

  • Optimizations bring 80% reduction in load times

April 2023

  • In a collection note put favorite verses in a custom order

March 2023

  • New media panel to watch any Youtube or web hosted mp3 file inside Scripture Notes to study from and control playback
  • Mobile app version 0.9

January 2023 and prior

  • Library content started with the King James Version of the Bible and scriptures specific to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Dashboard display with extensive reading, search, and collection note history for easy access
  • Library with expanding titles you can manage
  • Reading pane
  • Search and Results
  • Collection Notes – save collections with title, tag, and category information
  • Markup features
  • External resources
    • Webster’s 1828 Dictionary
    • Blue Letter Bible
    • Bible Hub
    • LDS Citation Index
    • Joseph Smith Translation inline comparison tool
  • Print to PDF reports
  • Create collection notes from Study Helps like Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, and Index to Triple Combination
  • Come Follow Me podcast integration as chapter resources
  • Tag tree for personal topical guide
  • To-do list for project tracking
  • Drag verses into a collection note
  • Bulk move verses into a collection note
  • Extensive tutorials and webinars on getting more from your scripture study
  • Free and pro versions of software. Pro includes collection notes, to do list, and expanded library, and helps pay for free. Please subscribe.
  • Mobile app version 0.8