Gifts of the Unholy Spirit

Sep 12
Gifts of the Unholy Spirit

One of my early false beliefs growing up was that God only gave gifts of the spirit to members of his true church. That belief started to erode when I came to know that there were inspired people in all ages of time that God placed there to perform a mission where they demonstrated gifts of the Spirit. People like Joan of Arc, many of the reformers, the Founding Fathers of America, and many others through all ages of time and even today.

All Have a Gift from God

In recent years, I’ve come to realize that gifts of the Spirit are in full manifestation to people of all nations and religions, based upon their faith and belief in obtaining and utilizing these gifts. In the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord tells us “there are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God.”

Some time ago I added the book, “The Heavenly Man” to my Audible wishlist. It sounded interesting and I enjoy remarkable stories of people’s lives. I recently saw other people recommending it online and finally decided to listen to it. It is amazing. There were a lot of lessons for me in this book. God is working in China in some miraculous ways. I highly recommend listening to this book. Brother Yen’s story of beatings, healings, a miraculous fast, and walking out of prison like Peter, will inspire you and cause you to re-evaluate your level of faith. Brother Yen exhibited a number of spiritual gifts by his great faith in Jesus Christ.

There are Evil Gifts

This past week something set off a further realization in my mind. I think I saw something posted about Moroni 10:30 which got me started on this. It reads:

Moroni 10:30. And again I would exhort you that ye would come unto Christ, and lay hold upon every good gift, and touch not the evil gift, nor the unclean thing.

I’ve known Satan is the great imitator and everything God has, Satan tries to replicate. For every gift and power of God, he has a counterfeit. Every gift of his is designed to lead us away from God, give us a fast track to experience power (queue Darth Vader’s “you don’t know the power of the dark side”), and further captivate us in the chains of the devil.

Korihor is a perfect example. He was “possessed with a lying spirit” and “the devil [had] power over [him]…working devices that he may destroy the children of God” (Alma 30:42). By his gift of sophistry and the gift of hearing the unholy spirit, he was convincing many to abandon their beliefs and turn from God. He was utilizing dark gifts in order to perform the devil’s work.

It is easier to be turned from God if you haven’t had spiritual experiences. Thus as Moroni said, believers must “lay hold upon every good gift” by exercising faith in Christ and seeking to obtain the gifts available to us.

Obtaining Dark Gifts

How does one obtain a dark gift? It’s actually instructive to think about this. Teenagers in school often pick up the gift of sarcasm. Sarcasm is the art of saying one thing but meaning another. If you want the gift, you simply start using the language that hurts others while sounding witty. If someone makes a mistake you simply say, “you’re a genius” and mean the opposite. Keep it up and you’ll soon develop a Satanic gift for cutting people down. You will also develop a reputation among people for being rude to some and making other rude people laugh.

The opposite is also true. If you use language that builds others, complimenting them, lifting up the hands that hang down and strengthening the feeble knees (Hebrews 12:12), you will develop the Godly gift of succoring others.

Every gift is obtained by degrees. With the dark side, you simply start turning to dark sources for quick power. Power over others, power over elements, or power over spirits, soon you can master the Satanic arts and be able to obtain anything for the price of your soul.

Obtaining Good Gifts

On the other hand, God is willing to hand out his gifts as well, all for the price of self-control and restraint. He is preparing us to rule over creations. He has a higher purpose for us than Satan does. Satan simply passes out his gifts eagerly to bring us into captivity through the promise of “cheap power.” God is trying to exalt us and in the effort to become like him, we must act like him and he gives us the holy gifts that teach us what his life is like. It must be a life of discipline because unlimited power without such discipline would make a powerful devil out of a God.

Seek to Remove the Bad

Do we have unholy gifts we utilize like sarcasm, outbursts of anger, overwhelming people with sophistry and filling their minds with doubt and despair? Then we’d better start seeking the gifts of the Spirit that will help us overcome those Satanic gifts. To understand how to better obtain gifts of the Spirit see this older blog post.

There are an innumerable list of gifts of light and darkness with holy or unholy purposes. Here is a brief table I constructed of opposite gifts. Some are obvious and some are simply speculation that made sense to me.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Gifts of the Unholy Spirit
Faith Doubt
Hope Despair
Charity Cruelty, malice, short-tempered
Wisdom Confusion
Knowledge Ignorance – IE. no understanding
Healing Sorcery-(Gr. Pharmakeia)
Mighty miracles Mighty signs
Visions/dreams Visions/dreams, Astral projection
Prophesy Fortune telling
Behold angels & ministering spirits Behold devils & unclean spirits
Tongues Glossolalia (it’s a thing – the link is to an interesting article)
Interpretation of tongues False interpretations
Seer Soothsayer, astrologer
Humility Pride
Preaching by the Spirit Sophistry
Gift of asking Gift of demanding
Gift of listening Gift of assuming
Gift of hearing Gift of deafness
Holy priesthood – operates by agency Unholy priesthood – operates by coercion

What other contrasting gifts can you think of? Share them in the comments.


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  • BRUCE LLOYD says:

    Thanks Oak for this amazing blog! This is the best I’ve seen from your many very good ones. The table, “Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Unholy Spirit” was very powerful!

    I know we usually focus on the gifts of the spirit. Seldom do we look at Satan’s counterfeit, but we need to be aware of his trickery. This part of the table caught my attention, “Healing Sorcery-(Gr. Pharmakeia).” Sadly, we are seeing the greatest evil of our day. Big Pharma is funding WHO and the whole medical establishment. They can’t make money if they offer you something beneficial that heals you. They want to keep you buying their product for the rest of your life, but it won’t heal you and likely has very bad side effects. The cure can’t be worse than the ailment.

    Everyone has an opinion on a variety of subjects. I believe that the global cabal wants to depopulate the earth and control the survivors for their nefarious purposes. Here is a definition of Pharmakeia that I found on the web at

    “the use or the administering of drugs
    sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
    metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry”

    I believe Covid-19 is a bioweapon developed by the US and China using gain of function research. Ft Dietrich, Charles Lieber, Fauci, CCP and many others are involved. I’m not Anti-Vax. However, the jab is not a vaccine. It bypassed animal trials. They won’t disclose what is in it. There is no informed consent. They won’t say what the horrible side effects might be. It violates the Nuremberg Code. Thousands of people are dying and will die from the jab, not to mention adverse effects. See There is no emergency with a 99.95% survival rate. PCR tests are bogus as a diagnostic tool–the purpose is to run up the numbers to scare you into getting the jab. Masks and social distancing is all about control–nothing to do with your health. People who got the jab are still getting Covid.

    Karry Mullis the inventor of the PCR test has a lot to say about Fauci. See See also

    Fauci botched HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and Covid. He is corrupt and beholden to Big Pharma and the cabal.

    The Oct 1942 Conference Report First Presidency Message is powerful.
    “These days through which we are now passing present many problems which are new to all of us but are particularly strange to the younger generation — those who have little background of experience and whose knowledge is limited and immature. Infidelity, atheism, unchastity, intemperance, civil corruption, greed, avarice, ambition — personal, political, national — are more powerful today than at any other time in the lives of us now living. They are pulling and thrusting us almost at will into new fields of action, new lines of thought. They are shaking the faith, undermining the morals, polluting the lives of the people. They have thrown many so far off balance in all of their activities, economic, social, political, and religious, that they stand in real danger of falling. Satan is making war against all the wisdom that has come to men through their ages of experience. He is seeking to overturn and destroy the very foundations upon which society, government, and religion rest. He aims to have men adopt theories and practices which he induced their forefathers, over the ages, to adopt and try, only to be discarded by them when found unsound, impractical, and ruinous. He plans to destroy liberty and freedom — economic, political, and religious, and to set up in place thereof the greatest, most widespread, and most complete tyranny that has ever oppressed men. He is working under such perfect disguise that many do not recognize either him or his methods. There is no crime he would not commit, no debauchery he would not set up, no plague he would not send, no heart he would not break, no life he would not take, no soul he would not destroy. He comes as a thief in the night; he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Without their knowing it, the people are being urged down paths that lead only to destruction. Satan never before had so firm a grip on this generation as he has now.” See page 13 at

    There are many doctors and lawyers fighting back against the plandemic. India is suing the WHO. The FDA/CDC/NIH has finally admitted that the PCR test is bogus and a new test will be implemented in Dec. Get a 60-page report here,

    What is in the Vax? Look at

    Everyone should do their own research.

  • Sesu says:

    Thanks a lot Oak… As I am doing a doctoral research on exorcism, your catherization of discerning gifts of evil spirits versus Holy spirit is so useful and informative… I thank you for enlightening me in a profound way…

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