How I Mark My Scriptures

Jul 31
How I Mark My Scriptures

I always enjoy seeing how others mark their scriptures so I thought I would share what I do to maybe inspire you to develop your own system. I think once you attach to just a couple things and do it consistently, the other aspects that come up sort of fill in the gaps. In other words, you don’t have to do it all at once. Just let things naturally move along till you have a working model. Then don’t stress about having “marked something the wrong way” in the past. Next time you come upon it, just clear the markings and change it to how you now do your markings.

You will see in this video that I mention another presentation where I explain how I learned to begin my marking system using if/then statements in the scriptures. The link for that presentation is below if you want to check it out..

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Click here to access the If/Then Logic of the Book of Mormon video.


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