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Taking conference notes in Scripture Notes

This being General Conference weekend (April 2020), I thought I would show you how to take all those notes you’ve taken and put them into Scripture Notes for easy search and retrieval. You can repeat this process for your past notes as well and have digital retrieval of all your notes in one easy place.

First, why take notes?

1) The biggest reason to take notes is, the Holy Spirit is going to prompt us and tell us to take certain actions while listening to conference. It’s critical we pay attention to those things and make plans to take those actions.

2) The Holy Ghost may also expand our understanding of something, knowing we’re being attentive and writing down thoughts that come to us. Asking for revelation and guidance are important elements of listening to conference or attending church.

3) If a speaker says something that really resonates with us, we may want to review the talk as soon as possible, or grab a quote from the talk. Jot down the speaker name and what you want to look up when the talk is online so you remember to return to that talk soon.

4) And taking notes also helps you stay awake when you’re tired and sitting on a comfortable couch. :)

Here’s how to record General Conference notes in Scripture Notes

First, start off by creating a blank collection note. Click the collection note button on the left, and then click the Create CN button on that pane.Create blank collection note

Next, expand the collection note by clicking the right-pointing arrow and in the tag box type “General Conference” and hit enter to lock it in. This creates the tag you will use for all General Conference notes.

Then title the note for the specific conference.

Click save to lock it in.

General Conference Collection Note

Now type your notes in the master note field. You can drag the horizontal bar that separates the master note and scripture verse area at the bottom, down the screen so you can have more space for taking notes. The box will expand as you type. Click update periodically to make sure you are saving your notes.

If you want to add any scripture verses to the note, just click the library pane on the left, navigate to the verse, and drag it into the verse area at the bottom. You may not feel like saving the verses, but you can look them up quickly while someone is speaking.

Now when you click on tags on the left nav bar to bring up the Tag pane, you have a General Conference tag and all the titles for conferences will appear in your list of titles on the right.

General Conference Tags

Whenever you want to search your past conference notes, that’s easy. Just pull up a search pane, select Collection Note from the search type, and in the tag list at the bottom, type “Conference” and hit enter to search for tags. Check the box that says general conference to only search notes that have that tag. Now type a word you want to search for in the top search box such as “gratitude.” Scripture Notes opens a search results pane to the right and displays the results. Click it to open it up.

General Conference Searching

To find the word within the note, click inside the Collection Note master note area and press ctrl-F (Windows) or cmd-F (Mac) and type the word you’re searching for. It will take you to each instance of that word.

Find within a Collection Note

Happy note taking!

How to Store General Conference Notes

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