Learn the Hebrew Aleph-bet

Easy Hebrew Flashcards

Lets be clear. I am not even a Hebrew language novice, but I do want to learn the “aleph-bet” (first 2 letters names) so that when I look at a Hebrew word on the Blue Letter Bible site, I can recognize the letters and roughly know how the word is pronounced. I also want to learn the values of the letters so at a glance, I can tell what the Gematria values are. If you don’t know what Gematria is, click the link for an explanation and examples of the hidden meaning behind the numerical values words add up to. It’s amazing stuff.

In the Hebrew aleph-bet (alphabet) there are 22 letters. Their values go from 1 to 9 for the first 9 letters, 10 to 90 by 10’s for the next 9 letters, and 100 to 400 by 100’s for the last 4. There is a reason they have these values and a big part of it is the hidden meaning behind the words, but the first step is learning the 22 characters and their pronunciation and value.

You can start with a video like this one, or download a copy of the aleph-bet below and practice with the flashcards. It’s not hard to get started.

With the flashcards, clicking a card flips it over between question and answer. The arrows underneath scroll you through the cards.

To the right of the arrows are two buttons. The first randomizes the order. The second switches so the back side is on the front and now you’ll be in learn mode. Review each letter, it’s value, and pronunciation. Then press the button again to switch back to side A. Try and go through the cards using the arrow buttons (or swiping on mobile). At each card, click on it to flip it over and see the answer. Master a group each day and in 5 days you’ll have the alphabet (‘aleph-bet’) down and be ready to move on.

If you want to download or print a pdf of the aleph-bet click here.

If you want to hear the pronunciation of the letters, click here.

Some letters have multiple forms. For example, the 2nd letter bet, it pronounced “vate” when there is no dot in the middle of it. You will see both forms on the card.

However, my flashcards don’t include the 5 “final” forms of a few letters which you’ll see on those links above. That’s for when that letter appears at the end of a word. I’ll have to do a set on those later. Master these first though.

It will also help a lot if you actually write the letters down.

Letters 1-5

Letters 6-10

Letters 20-60

Letters 70-90

Letters 100-400