Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought – Dennis Deaton

Feb 26
Dennis Deaton Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought

Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought: Defeating Fear, Doubt and Discouragement

For all Christians who earnestly seek to accept the Lord Jesus Christ’s loving invitation to “Come Unto Me,” there is tremendous need to understand how literally and directly the adversary is endeavoring to defeat our discipleship by tampering with our thoughts. Cunningly disguised as their own thoughts, these ploys go well beyond what most people recognize as temptations. Thoughts that tear down a person’s sense of worth and worthiness, undermine hope and spirituality, foster grudges and negative feelings towards others, and fill us with fear, doubt and discouragement are also of satanic origin.

Unfortunately, most people do not recognize these intrusions in their minds for what they actually are nor where they’re coming from. All too often, they berate themselves for the fears, self-limiting doubts and discouragement masquerading as the person’s own thoughts and therefore needlessly struggle to dispel them. Pointedly, they can’t win the battle if they’re fighting the wrong foe.

User comment about webinar

After posting this webinar to Youtube, one user who didn’t attend the webinar said this:

Don Layton

Thank you Brothers Deaton and Norton. I have to confess that when I first read the topic for this presentation, the thought came to my mind “Oh, you don’t need to listen to that! You already know that you need to look to Christ in every thought.” It didn’t really occur to me where that thought was coming from or why. And as I step back, I can now see that I’ve allowed the adversary to influence my thoughts more than I had ever supposed. “Oh, the cunning of the evil one.” And so many gems from this webinar could become entire discussions on their own. An example would be his claim that “habits are not broken, they’re replaced.” I know that this principle can apply to good habits, as well as bad. So does the enemy. As I sit back after listening, I now know why the enemy didn’t want me to listen to this webinar. OF COURSE he didn’t want me to listen to this webinar. But now I’m going to go back and listen to it again. I’ll take notes and put into practice the very things he didn’t want me to know in the first place. This information really does have the ability to be life-changing. Thanks again.

Please don’t make the same mistake. This is a unique webinar that I wish every member of the church would listen to. Please listen to it and share it with others.

Webinar below

The purpose of Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought: Defeating Fear, Doubt and Discouragement is to:

1) alert readers to the prevalence of Satan’s tactics and specifically what those tactics are;

2) provide them with the mental skills to unmask the liar within along with tools to repel his deceptions;

3) encourage readers to put greater trust in the promises of the Lord and strengthen their beliefs in obtaining them; and

4) inspire readers to sanctify the Lord God in their hearts by looking to Christ in every thought, and doubt nor fear not.


Dennis R Deaton is co-founder of Quma Learning Systems and a nationally known seminar leader and motivational speaker. He has taught numerous Adult Education courses for the Church Education System, and was a regular speaker at BYU Campus Education Week for 22 years. He currently serves as the patriarch in his stake and as an ordinance worker in the Gilbert Arizona Temple.

Brother Deaton is an award winning author, and his latest book, Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought: Defeating Fear, Doubt and Discouragement is his capstone work which has already received widespread praise for its life-changing message on defeating Satan’s ploys and drawing on the power of Jesus Christ in our daily thoughts.

Dennis has been described as “A man with something to say, and the gift to say it.”


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