Natasha Pizorno – The Book of Mormon Code, Deciphering the Hidden Hebrew Messages

Jul 12
Natasha Pizorno webinar - the Book of Mormon code

The Book of Mormon Code, deciphering the hidden Hebrew messages in The Book of Mormon

How and why would the entire Hebrew alphabet be encrypted throughout the chapters of 1st Nephi? The author of The Book of Mormon Code reveals her groundbreaking discovery of this extraordinary cipher she’s named, “The Alpha & Omega Code” and explains how it affirms the veracity and divinity of The Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith’s prophetic gift of translation. In addition, she describes its profound implications for the convincing of the Jews that Jesus is the Christ. Once you know the code, you’ll never read the scriptures the same way again!

Bio: Natasha Pizorno is an author, researcher, and 27-year licensed educator. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno and Sierra Nevada College Graduate School of Education.

During a decade of cutting-edge investigation, Natasha discovered many significant, and previously unknown Hebrew cryptograms embedded throughout the scriptures.  Her new work, The Book of Mormon Code, deciphering the hidden Hebrew messages in The Book of Mormon, published in 2020 is a compilation of these enlightening sacred ciphers.

Natasha spent her youth traveling the world. She waded through the waters of Hezekiah’s tunnel, walked among the ruins of Masada and Rome, touched the petroglyphs of the Piutes, climbed to the top of Chichen Itza and Coba pyramids in Mexico, and entered the king’s chamber deep inside the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. Her extensive adventures sparked a lifelong interest in exploring our connections with the ancient world.

Natasha and her husband Robert have been married 28 years and are parents of four amazing children. They recently reunited with their second missionary daughter who returned from serving in Serbia, Bosnia & Croatia in April 2021.

The websites Natasha mentions at the end for learning more about ancient Hebrew are:  (click on Hebrew alphabet chart) (search Hebrew alphabet – I’ve embedded it in the link)
Recommend starting here:

She also mentions this book:

“The Word: The Dictionary That Reveals the Hebrew Source of English” by Isaac Mozeson

A couple other resources I’ve found and just want to document here are this page which teaches the individual Hebrew letters in short videos:

And this page which lets you print a chart of the letters.

Also, an amazing book that got me started which was out of print but now available on Amazon is “Roots of the Bible” by Friedrich Weinreb.


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Oak Norton - Just trying to share a love of the scriptures with others.

  • Norton Rusty Nowlin, M.A. says:

    First, a reasonable person has to determine if the BOM is fantasy or fiction. The late-Dr. Michael Coe, of Yale University, has stated that the BOM, like the Book of Abraham, is total fiction and a fantastical creation from the imagination of Joseph Smith, Jr., as was his Egyptian alphabet that he used to create his Book of Abraham. The 1830 BOM is as different in theology from the current revision of the BOM as day is from night. I suppose that some pseudo-academician could concoct a secret code from Lewis Carroll’s book, “Through the Looking Glass” about Alice’s visit to wonderland and gain an audience of duped believers.

    • Oak Norton says:

      If the late Dr. Michael Coe could return from the dead, he might be shouting a different tune. :) That’s pretty funny that you say the 1830 edition is as different from today’s edition as day from night. Have you ever compared the original 1830 edition to the current version? It’s obvious you haven’t, and that you have no idea the complexity of the book. The translation of the book took place when Joseph was 22 years old in a period of 90 days. This is a well documented historical fact. It’s also well documented that Joseph dictated the entire book at a clip of about 8 pages a day. Multiple scribes have testified of this fact even though some of them left the church. They never denied their testimonies. How many 22 year olds with 3 years of formal schooling could make up an over 500 page book that was filled with Hebrew structure idioms, memorize it when nobody was looking, and then dictate it day after day and after taking breaks to eat, return to the process without asking the scribe what the last words were and just start dictating the book right from where he left off. When the manuscript was delivered to the printer, there were no punctuation marks. It was one giant sentence. The publisher had to put in punctuation and also of course, made several mistakes misreading some words. Royal Skousen has done a lot of work examining fragments of the original manuscript that survived water damage and destruction to find a number of words that needed corrected, but there’s no significant doctrinal changes. You are simply misinformed on that.
      My guess is you’ve never read a page of the Book of Mormon. I encourage you to do so with an open mind asking yourself if a young farm boy with a scant education could ever make something like this up. I know Jewish converts who have joined the church and clearly identify the book as a Semitic style of writing. Far beyond that, it provides another witness that Jesus is the Christ and visited the ancient Americas to tell other nations of his Messiahship.

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