Scripture Study Technique 12 – Meaning in Names

Mar 14
Meaning of names in the scriptures

Have you ever heard someone say what a certain Biblical name means and been surprised at how the meaning of that name plays into the attributes or life mission of that individual? Have you ever wondered where they got that information and how you can find it as well? Here’s your answer in a short video tutorial. Use this knowledge to look for opportunities to find extra meaning in scripture stories about individuals, cities, or geographic areas that may lend more insight to the section you are reading.


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  • Brad Eldredge says:

    Great topic, which reminds me of an example and cool insight Rebecca Stay shared, during an adult institute class on the OT, about the meaning of the name of Joshua [in Hebrew] and the role he played.

    [timestamp 46:22 – 47:56].

    Joshua [H3091]
    • Hebrew: יְהוֹשׁוּעַ
    • Transliteration: Yehoshua
    • Pronunciation: (yeh-ho-shoo’-ah)
    • Definition: From [H3068] and [H3467]; Jehovah saved; the LORD is salvation

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