Study by Comparing Chapters Side-by-Side

Oct 22
Study by Comparing Chapters Side-by-Side

This past week I was watching the first video of an 8-part series on the events coming up to the second coming. I loved what the creator of this series did and wanted to share it with you for ideas in doing your own scripture study.

His name is Kent Blackhurst and his YouTube channel is “Followers of Jesus Christ.” You can check out the first video here:

Here’s what he did. He started a spreadsheet and recorded what each chapter of scripture listed as events of the second coming in their own order. Where one chapter missed an item and another had it he just inserted a row so all the events would line up and he’s see where the gaps were. I love that!

Here’s a screenshot from his video.

2nd coming scripture comparison

I’ve done this kind of project before with a spreadsheet studying the chapters on creation (Article here:

Creation chapter comparison

Scripture Notes makes this kind of project really easy by letting you open multiple chapters side-by-side. You can transfer unique things to a spreadsheet, or expand panes to type notes by the verses, or start a collection note.

Whatever you decide to study, putting related chapters next to each other is a great way to spot things you wouldn’t see if you were reading chapters sequentially.

Try it out. For example, here’s a screenshot of one project putting the chapters on spiritual gifts side-by-side. Look for unique things in these verses and start a collection note to record your insights.

Spiritual gifts comparison

Or pick something else you want to study…


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