Studying Come Follow Me in Scripture Notes

Apr 17
Come follow me integration

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Come Follow Me and other audio/video files play right next to your scriptures and notes so you can pause, make notes, conduct deeper searches, and then pick up playback again? Yes it is cool and it’s now available in Scripture Notes!

This feature is just getting started. There will eventually be a lot more relevant content available right next to your scriptures. At this moment as I publish this, we have added 7 of the most popular Come Follow Me (CFM) podcasts, as well as Dr. Avraham Gileadi’s “Analytical Commentary on Isaiah,” chapter by chapter.

To access the content, just go to any chapter in the Old Testament where there might be a CFM lesson released, and look for the “R” resources circle by the chapter number. Click it to open the list of podcasts.

Resources button

From the chapter resource pane, click on a podcast to expand the podcast title and see the episode titles. On the left is a checkbox which will alert you to when you finish one of those podcasts and will appear properly checked next to every chapter where that podcast is located.

To the right of each episode, you will find icons to play audio, play video, access show notes, and sometimes access extra content related to that podcast.

Come Follow Me resource list

For example, clicking on the Follow Him, part 2 video link opens up this pane showing a video player complete with speed controls and time stamps when available for the video.

Come Follow Me media player

Clicking on show notes almost always takes you to the podcast’s home page where the creators may have extensive notes or slides available for you to view or utilize when you teach a lesson.

Scripture Notes lets you drag and drop panes around so to get started, I like to put the podcast on the left and scriptures on the right so when I open other chapters or search panes, they appear on the right.

Come follow me sample screen

This makes it super convenient to pause the video and take notes as needed. Try it out. More content will come including the ability to load any video into a pane like this so you can watch it right next to your scriptures and notes.


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