The Holy Ground of Exodus and What it Reveals about the Temple

Mar 23
Amy Hardison Exodus Temple Webinar

The temple is a place of peace and revelation, where one enters into important covenants and can draw close to God. Many Latter-day Saints experience these blessings, yet yearn for a better understanding of the temple. This knowledge is hiding in plain sight, right in Exodus, nestled in the very chapters that we are covering in the current reading assignments of Come Follow Me.

Join us in this webinar as Amy Hardison discusses Exodus. She will give you the dots. You can connect them to enrich your understanding of the latter-day temple endowment.

Amy Blake Hardison was born and raised in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.  She graduated from Weber State University in 1980 in English. Amy chose to be a stay-at-home mother, raising 4 children who are now 42, 40, 37, and 35. When her youngest child was 8 years old, she began teaching institute as a volunteer teacher.  She taught for 24 years at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, at the Tempe Institute (ASU), the East Valley Institute, and a valley-wide class for mid-singles. She has participated in four Sidney B. Sperry Symposiums and the Conference on Abraham at BYU. In addition to her articles, Amy has authored 3 books:  How to Feel Great About Being a Mother (1987) and Understanding the Symbols, Covenants and Ordinances of the Temple (2016), and The Ultimate Coach (2021). On the surface, these books seem very different, but they encompass Amy’s three passions: her family, the scriptures, and learning. Amy lives in Mesa, Arizona with her wonderful husband Steve. They have been married for 44 years. They have 11 beautiful grandchildren.


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