Thesaurus and Etymology Dictionaries added to Scripture Notes

Dec 15
New toolbar features

If you’re a word junkie, or someone who has learned to search the scriptures for meaning, these new additions will be useful for you.

Have you ever been looking for a scripture and couldn’t quite put your finger on the one you were looking for? You knew the gist of it but the word wasn’t quite right so you couldn’t find it.

Now you’ve got new tools in your toolbar. Introducing the T and E.

T for thesaurus

E for etymology

New toolbar

The thesaurus will be handy to help you track down similar words to hunt for. For example, maybe you are searching for judgment and want to find similar word concepts. You highlight it and press T and you’ve got a bunch of other words to select from to search for in the scriptures.

Want to understand the history of a word and how it evolved, click E for some insight on the word’s history and changes over time. Not as useful to me as the thesaurus, but handy for certain research opportunities and a requested feature from a user.

We’ve also added a white text option for when you highlight text but want the text to be white. Or I suppose you could just white out the commandments you don’t like… Up to you… We’re just giving you the flexibility. ;) white text

Not only that, but rewriting the toolbar this way sped up the program a bit and improved stability so it should feel a little faster to use. More speed improvements will be coming in this area later.

Jump back into Scripture Notes today and check it out. I appreciate your support so we can continue to develop new features. There’s a number of things on the horizon that will enhance the application for your use.


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