What is a Collection Note in Scripture Notes?

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In the Scripture Notes application, there are different ways to make notes.

The first is the basic verse note which is a simple note field by every verse. You can type as much as you want into this field, but it’s always going to be plain text and should be geared around the contents of that verse.

The second type of note is called a collection note. Sometimes people refer to these as scripture chains because in the past, people would have a set of references for a topic and they couldn’t list all the references for all the verses next to each verse in the topic, so they would “chain” them together like so: Verse A would get a written reference to verse B next to it. Verse B would get the reference to verse C next to it, and so on till verse Z got the circular reference back to verse A by it.

This was nice, but what if you wanted to get to verse N and had to start at verse A….or start at verse O and had to go all the way around…

Enter the collection note. A collection is a set of verses all together where you can make notes about the verses individually (basic verse notes), as well as have a master note for the collection that is always tied back to all the verses. This is what it looks like in the application. All the verses in the collection go at the bottom so you have access to them at any time.

What is a Collection Note in Scripture Notes?

Then once the verses have been saved to the collection, anytime you see the verse in any viewing pane, if you see the eye icon showing green, it means you can click it and open up and see the collection notes that verse is part of.

Access collection notes from verses

It’s a far better method for collecting verses and you can drag and drop verses in from other reading and search panes.

To create a collection note, do one of the following:

  1. Next to a verse, click the upper right icon to start a collection note with that verse in the collection.
  2. Perform a search and click “Create CN” to move all the verses in that view into a new collection note.
  3. Open the collection note pane from the left nav bar and click “Create CN” to start a blank collection note.

To search for a collection note, do one of the following:

  1. To search for a collection note by title, search in the collection note pane.
  2. To search the contents of a collection note, open the search pane from the left side nav bar and select collection note as a filter for your results.



What is a Collection Note in Scripture Notes?

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