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New AI features in Scripture Notes
Jul 15

AI Usage Examples

When you are trying to do research in the scriptures, AI can be a powerful help. We have just pushed some new features to better assist you with using this tool we call Daniel. 1) As you ask follow up questions, the entire conversation is kept in the thread. 2) You can now click Create […]

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Jonah Barnes Unlocking the Apocrypha
Jun 12

Unlocking the Apocrypha with Jonah Barnes

Ancient records that have come forth the last couple centuries have been a treasure trove of content that both supports canonical scripture texts, as well as bring new ideas forward that support the doctrines of the restoration. Please enjoy this webinar with Jonah Barnes. Bio: Jonah Barnes climbed out of a meteorite in the countryside […]

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Ancient American Archaeology with Wayne May
May 12

Ancient American Archaeology with Wayne May

Wayne May is one of the foremost experts on North American archaeology related to the Book of Mormon peoples. He has worked on a number of projects and loves sharing his research. In this interview, I got to ask Wayne some questions I hope you’ll find fascinating. Bio: Wayne N. May was born and raised […]

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Using AI to Study the Scriptures
May 05

Using A.I. to Study the Scriptures

Here’s a quick example of using A.I. in Scripture Notes to study the scriptures. You can also watch a video on this at the bottom of the post if you want to see the work flow in the app instead of just in pictures. This morning I was led to read from Ezekiel 44. In […]

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Apr 28

Listeth – Who Do We Lean To?

Word use is fascinating to me. Stumbling upon certain words in certain locations used by certain people but not others is part-geeky, and part-intriguing. Check out this short video to see what I mean with the word ‘listeth.’    

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Daniel, the AI Scripture Notes Research Assistant
Apr 21

Introducing Daniel, your Scripture Notes AI Research Assistant

I am so excited to introduce you to the latest Scripture Notes feature. Meet Daniel, the Scripture Notes AI research assistant. Daniel is available by every verse and paragraph in the Scripture Notes library to help you find context and meaning for what you are studying. This is only the very beginning stages of what […]

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Snatched from hell
Mar 31

Snatched from Hell

On this Easter morning, I’m very grateful to have discovered a word in the Book of Mormon that perfectly describes this day. The word is “snatched” and it’s use in the Book of Mormon is perfectly suited for God’s mercy in sending his Son to save us. Alma the younger is an interesting story. His […]

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How to Study Isaiah with Avraham Gileadi using Scripture Notes
Mar 22

How to Study Isaiah with Avraham Gileadi using Scripture Notes

Whether you’re a newbie to Isaiah or a seasoned student, Scripture Notes can help you get into a study of Isaiah quickly using Avraham Gileadi’s resources on this incredible book of prophesy. Watch this video to see how to get going. Thanks for watching! Make sure you sign up for the Isaiah Institute conference here: […]

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