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Jonathan Neville - How Joseph translated the engravings
Aug 01

Jonathan Neville – How Joseph Translated the Engravings

Following up on Jonathan’s last webinar entitled “Restoring Translation to the Restoration,” we present part 2, How Joseph Translated the Engravings. This webinar (8/13/23) provides fascinating research Jonathan has done into the writings of Jonathan Edwards and how influential this person was in Joseph’s language. Don’t miss this webinar. Bio: Jonathan Neville is a retired […]

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Jonathan Neville Restoring Translation to the Restoration
Jun 23

Jonathan Neville – Restoring Translation to the Restoration

In recent years, a group of LDS historians has revived the old idea that Joseph Smith produced the Book of Mormon by reading words that appeared on a stone in the hat (SITH). SITH was described in the 1834 book Mormonism Unvailed, a book that Joseph Smith denounced. In response, on multiple occasions Joseph and […]

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A Chronology of In the Beginning
Jun 13

A Chronology of In the Beginning

My latest study project has been to try and study things that the scriptures say or infer happened in the pre-mortal realm. Here’s a look at what you can find in the scriptures when you study something topically and organize your notes. I was surprised at some of the things I learned when I had […]

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Kris Kimball Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain
May 29

Kris Kimball on Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain

What happened to Jesus between the ages of 12-30? The Bible is silent on this time frame, but other sources record possible travels of Christ. What do we know from traditions, including the most persistent one that Jesus was in Ancient Britain. We will also look at other traditions of Jesus and what happened to […]

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Melanie Stroud The Power of the Word
May 08

Melanie Stroud, the Power of the Word

Please join us for a special webinar with guest Melanie Stroud, author and host of the popular weekly podcast “Come Follow Me for Us.” Melanie has just released her book, “Feasting on the Words of Christ,” and if you’ve never heard her podcast, she is a storyteller and she loves the scriptures. In this video […]

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Mighty Prayer and the Word of God
Apr 23

Mighty Prayer and the Word of God

When we want to learn a subject we should closely examine what the scriptures and prophets have said about it. A very careful reading, and putting related verses next to each other, will reveal things we wouldn’t otherwise notice. Asking questions and seeking those answers, we can find insights into the topic that are hidden […]

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How to teach from the scriptures using Scripture Notes
Apr 16

How to Teach from the Scriptures Using Scripture Notes

Are you a teacher? Do you want a slick way to reference both your notes and the scriptures while you’re teaching your class? With Scripture Notes you can teach from a laptop, tablet, mobile device, or print out your lesson. Here’s how. Watch it in action (visit article page): Read it: 1) Create and save […]

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17 missions of the Holy Ghost
Apr 09

17 Missions of the Holy Ghost

While preparing a presentation for an upcoming conference, I had an experience that led me to study the Topical Guide entry for “Holy Ghost, Missions of” and I wanted to share it because it really surprised me. I had no real comprehension for how broad a mission the Holy Ghost has in this world and […]

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Terryl Givens Christ as Healer
Mar 31

Christ as Healer – Webinar with Terryl Givens

How do the history of biblical translation and a few interpretive aids open new possibilities for understanding Christ’s role in our lives, and key terms like salvation and repentance? Enjoy this webinar with gospel scholar Terryl Givens. Biography: Terryl Lynn Givens is a senior research fellow with the Neal A. Maxwell Institute of Religious Scholarship […]

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