New Feature – Public Collection Note Sharing

Sep 17
New public sharing inside Scripture Notes

Building on top of last week’s announcement on sharing collection notes, we now announce public collection note sharing within the Scripture Notes app. Anyone can share, but please observe a few guidelines.

Right now, there is no moderation system. That makes this the wild west of sharing.

If you see something that doesn’t belong, just shoot me a message to take a look and I’ll see about removing it from public view. There are times things should be shared privately instead of publicly.

Things to share

  • Inspirational thoughts, stories, and quotes that are linked to scriptures
  • Questions that lead to revelation with accompanying scriptures
  • Appropriate personal experiences related to scriptures

Things not to share

  • Things that tear down faith and introduce doubt
  • Overly personal content (Don’t share your life story or personal failings publicly. You have social media to gush that stuff on. ;))

Watch this video to see how to access the public content and filter for things you want to find. (Click image to visit Youtube and watch or come to the website to watch the embedded video.)



Share a collection note from inside the share settings. Just “Make Collection Public.”Then go to your Collections master pane from the navigation menu item on the left and click into the Public section. You can then filter by title, author, and tag, even using all 3 to limit the results. More features will come in the future to further enhance this.




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