Physical and Metaphysical Gifts from Heaven

May 08
metaphysical gifts

Have you ever received an unexpected gift? Life is full of surprises and on this journey, sometimes we receive something that proves to be a blessing to us. Sometimes these gifts are physical, and sometimes they are more of a spiritual nature. In writing this post today, I was contemplating this topic of gifts in the scriptures which are spiritual, and either physical or beyond the veil in some way out of the physical realm. I’m just going to term those metaphysical and examine some aspects of receiving these gifts.

I believe God wants to shower us with gifts. I believe there are many more gifts available to us if we would seek them to receive them.

Ask to Receive

When the scriptures say, ask and ye shall receive, what does that encompass?

There are basic things that when we ask for we receive immediately.

Then there are other things with additional requirements. We ask for eternal life, and God grants it to those who believe and follow Christ.

There are those things where timing comes into play. There are those times when we can’t even imagine a gift that is coming our way in the future. It just isn’t on the radar. When Peter was given the keys of the kingdom and set as the head apostle, I’d guess never in his life up to that point had he know there was such a thing as “keys of the kingdom” and yet, that gift and responsibility was laid on him.

Lehi probably never had an inkling about what a Liahona was, yet I bet he prayed for guidance from the Lord on how to lead his family to the promised land. The result was waking up one day to find this ball of curious workmanship outside his tent door. That’s Heavenly Prime delivery on any day!

Are Spiritual “Things” Real

In the scriptures, there are other things people are given, each with a purpose, and some outside the veil of mortality, like those keys Peter was given. Are they real in the spiritual realm, or simply figurative of authority bestowed on Peter in mortality?

Lehi was given a book to read in a spiritual vision. Does that exist in another realm but he tapped into it through his experience?

A few years ago I learned to stop just folding my arms when I pray. Anyone familiar with body language will state that’s a closed position and not open to receiving. The scriptures inform us that sometimes when people pray, they prostrate themselves as a sign of humility. Assuming a position open to receiving is appropriate. When a person receives someone to them, they typically have their arms outstretched in some fashion as if they are excited to receive them. When someone hands you something, you would hold out your hand to receive it.

I’ve had a couple experiences where something I know I didn’t imagine, was put into my hand but in my mind’s eye, receiving something one time that I wasn’t asking for, and another time something I was asking for. These flash-visions were brief glimpses of things I was given to benefit me and my family. I know we can be given gifts from across the veil to utilize for our purposes on earth. Spiritual gifts aren’t just limited to “gifts of the Spirit” that we read about in short, condensed lists in the scriptures. Perhaps when we pray and ask for the armor of God to be put upon us, we should be imagining impenetrable Mithril armor being placed upon us and Shard blades of justice being attached to a sheath at our side. :) I believe the power of visualization is a tool God uses to reveal reality to us that is hidden by this world’s veil.

Inspiring Asking

A few years ago I stumbled on a blog post that was super interesting on this topic. I haven’t read the book this chapter comes from so I don’t know if this dream is a fictional story, or one someone actually related. Regardless, the principles it teaches are mind expanding. If you have time, I highly encourage you to read it. It’s a dream where someone is shown a massive warehouse in heaven filled with gifts for them in mortality. They see one section of shelving where it’s empty and are told those were gifts God gave them just because he’s good and regardless of whether we ask for them or not. Other gifts require something. Many are ours if we just ask for them. Yet others have prerequisites before asking like (as mentioned in the dream) starting a business, visiting a widow, or some other action and then God will bestow on you the blessings that accompany your actions. The best way to discover and receive these gifts is to ask God what you should pray for. Here’s a link:

I will add, follow your conscience in doing things you feel led to do.

Sample List

Below I have put a list of things I’ve researched this week on different types of gifts mentioned in the scriptures. I’m not trying to list every instance of the gifts, but just illustrate types of gifts that can be given whether sought for or not. You are welcome to swipe it and copy/paste it into your own Scripture Notes Collection Note file. If I’ve missed something in the scriptures that you can think of, please share it in the comments below so I can add it to my own notes.

Physical and Metaphysical Gifts in Scripture

Physical objects are occasionally provided by heaven to mortals. Sometimes objects are given in visions or dreams as well to provide a metaphysical experience. What does this mean for “regular” mortals? Can we also receive physical gifts from God to assist us in our journey? The scriptures today are a Urim & Thummim, or a Liahona to us. The voice of God is a Liahona. What is available to us to receive like such physical objects as these?


Abraham was given a Urim and Thummim from God (Abr. 3:1). Perhaps this was passed down the birthright line until it found it’s way to Moses and Aaron to use it in the High Priest’s breastplate (Exo. 28:30).

The brother of Jared was also given a Urim and Thummim on the mount (D&C 17:1).

Moses is given stone tablets containing the law of God (Exo. 24:12)

Lehi is given the Liahona (1 Nephi 16:10)

All who overcome the world will receive a white stone with a new name in it (Rev. 2:17) which becomes a Urim and Thummim to those individuals so that they may learn things of higher orders of kingdoms (D&C 130:10).

Physical – dark

Joseph obtained a seer stone which was of the Lord. Hiram Page obtained one and received revelations from the devil (D&C 28:11).

There are perhaps many Satanic objects utilized by powers of darkness which the scriptures don’t make mention of. Everything has its opposite.

Metaphysical – beyond the veil but accessed by some in mortality

Christ holds the key of David (Isa. 22:22; Rev. 3:7) (right to rule) and the keys of hell and death (Rev. 1:18) (power over immortality for all)

Robes of righteousness (Isa. 61:10; 2 Nep. 4:33)

Ezekiel is given a scroll to eat (Ezek. 2:8-10)

Lehi is given a book to read (1 Nephi 1:11-13)

Isaiah is given a live coal to purge his sins (Isa. 6:6-7)

Various individuals are given keys such as Peter given the keys of the kingdom (Matt. 16:19), and Joseph and Oliver holding keys (D&C 6:28).

Jesus is given the book of the Father’s with seven seals (Rev. 5:7-9) (Physical or Metaphysical?)

Various individuals are given the fruit of the tree of life to partake of (1 Nephi 8:11)

Armor of God (Eph. 6; D&C 27)

Garments of salvation & Robe of righteousness (Isa. 61:10)

All receive gifts of the Spirit to experience a sliver of the divine life God possess in fulness (1 Cor. 12-13; D&C 46; Moroni 10)

Metaphysical – dark

Satan also gives gifts and has spiritual objects that are of a dark nature such as fiery darts which the shield of faith is to block.


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  • Jeff Ostler says:

    Please do not forget the many scriptures that describe the greatest MetaPhyical/Spiritual gift of Baptism of Fire and Sanctification by the Holy Spirit and Christ and The amazing Gift of Entering Into His Rest – A FULLNESS of Glory, Light, Spirit, Truth, Love, Joy, Peace

    • Oak Norton says:

      True, though I was thinking more about objects that may be spiritual, and not experiences such as you mention.

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