Ann Ferguson Webinar – Help Thou My Unbelief

Jan 30
Ann Ferguson Help Thou My Unbelief

How to ask with unwavering faith and receive the everyday miracles you need

In announcing this next webinar (video at the bottom), I want to say something I have never said on a previous webinar.

I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say this may be the most life changing webinar you can attend.

The others are all wonderful, but this one is going to open your eyes to the power of applied faith. There are laws that govern faith and belief.

How do you take faith that God can do a thing, and transform it into the necessary powerful belief that he will do a thing, for YOU?

These laws are universal.

The righteous will confirm with the Lord their desire is a righteous one, set their intention with rare faith, and apply the laws of belief to erase doubt, and move forward in a powerful way expecting miracles to open up, and the Lord to prepare the way for the desire to be brought into existence.

President Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, helps us better understand the meaning of faith:

“Faith, to be faith, must center around something that is not known. Faith, to be faith, must go beyond that for which there is confirming evidence. Faith, to be faith, must go into the unknown. Faith, to be faith, must walk to the edge of the light, and then a few steps into the darkness. If everything has to be known, if everything has to be explained, if everything has to be certified, then there is no need for faith. Indeed, there is no room for it. …

“There are two kinds of faith. One of them functions ordinarily in the life of every soul. It is the kind of faith born by experience; it gives us certainty that a new day will dawn, that spring will come, that growth will take place. It is the kind of faith that relates us with confidence to that which is scheduled to happen. …

There is another kind of faith, rare indeed. This is the kind of faith that causes things to happen. It is the kind of faith that is worthy and prepared and unyielding, and it calls forth things that otherwise would not be. It is the kind of faith that moves people. It is the kind of faith that sometimes moves things. … It comes by gradual growth. It is a marvelous, even a transcendent, power, a power as real and as invisible as electricity. Directed and channeled, it has great effect. …

“In a world filled with skepticism and doubt, the expression ‘seeing is believing’ promotes the attitude, ‘You show me, and I will believe.’ We want all of the proof and all of the evidence first. It seems hard to take things on faith.

“When will we learn that in spiritual things it works the other way about—that believing is seeing? Spiritual belief precedes spiritual knowledge. When we believe in things that are not seen but are nevertheless true, then we have faith” (“What Is Faith?” in Faith [1983], 42–43).

Our teacher for this webinar is Ann Ferguson and she’s going to teach us what those laws are, and what our mindset has to be to let them operate in our favor to obtain our righteous desires.

This is a scripture-oriented webinar you won’t want to miss.

Ann’s Description

At some point we have each prayed with all our faith, might, mind and will, but still had doubt and fear in our hearts. It’s very common. We’ve all had moments like the man who brought his son to Jesus for healing. His faith led him to the Savior, but his unbelief was in the way of the miracle he was seeking. The Lord was willing and patient just like he is with you. How do you make sure you are not the limiting factor in receiving the miracles the Lord is trying to send to you?

In this webinar Ann Ferguson will teach you how to stop doubt and fear in their tracks. By understanding what unwavering faith is, and how to access it, we can easily believe that the things we stand in need of will be open to us.

Ann’s Handout: Create Your Day worksheet 2.0

Other Resources:

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk Terror, Triumph, and a Wedding Feast (Sept. 12, 2004)

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Ann Ferguson is a Master Mentor. Her passion is to teach spiritual principles and tools that heal emotional wounds. This helps people discover how to step into the belief that moves mountains and creates miracles. She loves to celebrate each step with those she mentors as they experience a divine partnership with Jesus Christ.

Ann is the mother of 5 children. And a grandmother of 4 beautiful granddaughters. She has been teaching and mentoring for the past 25 years and loves a good adventure. Whether that is in diving into the heart, or diving into a cenote in Mexico. She is always ready to explore and experience the good things this world has to offer.

Ann is the owner of Joy Power, LLC. And has written 3 mentor-led courses you can experience at


The 8 laws Ann discusses are below. Take notes, pause the playback, and don’t miss the ending where Ann shares 2 techniques for applying these laws into your life.

1) Vacuum Law of Prosperity – Nature abhors a vacuum and therefore will fill an empty space.  (Matt. 10:39; Isa. 55:8-9)

2) Law of Perpetual Transmutation – Everything, every object, every circumstance, is constantly developing into form or dissipating out of form. (Moses 3:5; Abr. 3:17)

3) Law of Relativity – Nothing that we experience is fundamentally wrong. (Matt. 3:11)

4) Law of Vibration – Everything is in a state of vibration and that vibration is a medium for transferring signals. (D&C 50:24)

5) Law of Polarity – Everything has an opposite. (Phil. 4:12)

6) Law of Rhythm – Natures movements are cyclical. (Eccle. 3:1-2)

7) Law of Cause & Effect – Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. (James 4:8; Matt. 7:17-18)

8) Law of Gender & Gestation – Every seed has an incubation period. (Romans 8:25; D&C 6:33)




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