Announcing Skousen Library Resources

Jul 05
Cleon Skousen Library Additions

Thanks to the incredible work of Richard Skousen, we now have within Scripture Notes chapter resources, links to many of the writings of Cleon Skousen, Eric Skousen’s book, “Earth in the Beginning,” and Richard Skousen’s book, “His Return.” Each resource link will take you straight to a chapter in one of the following books, and in some cases multiple options where chapters in different books cover the same scripture chapter (such as the example image below), or where multiple chapters in a book cover the same scripture chapter.

  • Earth in the Beginning
  • The First 2000 Years
  • The Third Thousand Years
  • The Fourth Thousand Years
  • Isaiah Speaks to Modern Times
  • Days of the Living Christ
  • The Real Story of Christmas
  • The Easter Story
  • His Return
  • Treasures from the Book of Mormon
  • Book of Mormon Commentary
  • Doctrine and Covenants Commentary
  • Brother Joseph

To access these resources just click the “R” button by any chapter title.

Resources button

In that pane that opens, you will now often see options to access the Skousen library. Just expand it and you will find the resources available. To open a resource, click the blue button on the right. (We will soon be putting lines between resources so it’s easier to read these longer titles.)

Cleon Skousen library




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