Begin to see Hebrew in scriptures without even knowing how to read Hebrew!

Nov 23
Katie Hansen webinar

A story is sometimes told that in the School of the Prophets, Joseph Smith had brought in a Hebrew teacher for the brethren to learn the language. Heber C. Kimball had so much difficulty learning the vowels that one day Joseph jokingly threatened him with “Heber, you learn that Hebrew vowel or I’ll whip you.” Heber replied, “then you’d better start whipping…

Looking for this story, it turns out it’s actually about an English class and not Hebrew. :) What some of the early brethren lacked in formal education they made up for in faithfulness and devotion.

The truth is, a Jewish scholar named Joshua Seixas was hired by Joseph to come teach at the School of the Prophets. Joseph felt the hand of the Lord was in this and expanded the classes and actually delayed the brethren going on missions so they could attend additional classes on the Hebrew language.

Why would Joseph do this? I believe it’s because understanding some Hebrew is foundational to understanding the scriptures at a deeper level.

Our next 2 webinars (at least) will be a bit of a look at Hebrew.

On December 12th, Katie Hansen will present to give us an introduction to something she discovered in the scriptures.

Title: Begin to see Hebrew in scriptures without even knowing how to read Hebrew! 

Katie will walk us through seeing the Hebraic circle-pattern she discovered in the scriptures and illustrate how it relates to one of the Ancient Hebrew pictographs. This pattern shows us how to live, learn, and become, thus laying the perfect foundation for our every-day education, as well as giving vision for our entire life!


Katie began learning The Hebrew Way when she embarked on a path to learn how to teach in a Godly way that would honor the agency of others.  That path has involved a Bachelors in teaching from USU, teaching her own children and receiving a leadership education over the last 20 years, mentoring women and youth in her community, serving on boards, and studying the Hebrew Way from the language itself.  This has led to her fulfilling one of her life-calls to assist in restoring our Original Culture & Story through Foundation Builder Guide’s original Hebraic sources study program.

Sign up for the webinar here (Handout: Begin to see Hebrew in the scriptures without even knowing how to read in Hebrew):



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