How to Study Isaiah with Scripture Notes

Sep 10
How to Study Isaiah with Scripture Notes

In the video below, I show how powerful it is to study Isaiah using Scripture Notes. The last blog post called “Isaiah’s 30 End-time Events” shared 30 collection notes you can download and save to your own Scripture Notes account. They accompany Avraham Gileadi’s commentary on the events, so you can go through each of them, reading the commentary, reading the scriptures, and making notes in the collection note.

Isaiah commentary collection notes

The same technique can be done with other topics and commentaries on other scriptures. When you want to study a topic, find a great resource, gather the scriptures together on that topic into a collection note, then study it and make notes as if you were going to give a presentation on it. When you think about a topic as if you are going to present on it, you think differently. You ponder differently. You try to break things down to their core component principles and doctrines so you can explain them to others.

Here is a video to show how it works.


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